VELOCITEA –a herbal blend of the safe, all-natural ingredients designed to gently cleanse the digestive tract and detoxify the body. The above stated statement is enough to make it a very unique product.

What happens when the food you ingest is not moved quickly enough through your digestive tract? This may lead to many problems arising. Ideally, the body’s transit time, meaning the time from ingestion to excretion, must be about 11 to 15 hours. This routine time provides a lot of time for toxins to be absorbed into the bloodstream from the decaying fecal matter fermenting in the digestive tract.

Seeing people’s diet these days, the slow-moving fecal matter begins to stick to the walls of the small intestine and colon and starts restricting the flow of waste as it builds up a layer of old feces, mucus, and dead cells causing the vegetable and meat materials in that layer of stuck-on waste begin to ferment and rot and release foul-smelling gasses through the mouth and anus, while continuing to release poisonous toxins into vital organs, the bloodstream, and the rest of your body.

The decomposing material becomes food for an immense number of bad bacteria, yeast, fungus and sets up an internal terrain where intestinal parasites like amoebae, flukes and worms thrive within the body.

Consuming our Velocitea product, one may experience more resistance to diseases, better overall health, more comfort with the body’s well-being. The main objective remains to regulate bowel movements to two or three each day in order to keep the toxic waste flowing and not sitting in your digestive system for too long. Not passing fecal matter in regular periodic manner leads to numerous health conditions caused by auto-intoxication.

What makes this product so good? Certainly the ingredients. Have a look at the ingredients used to make the veloci tea.

  • Persimmon Leaf
  • Malva Leaf (Chinese Mallow)
  • Milk Thistle
  • Marshmallow

Make one gallon of tea with 2 tea bags, that’s the quantity measure and how you consume Veloci tea.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Always remember, when trying a new sleep supplement on your body and routine patterns, wait two weeks to evaluate its effectiveness.

Consult a dietician for understanding how to choose your diet and for how to correctly use the product. Patients from close by areas such as Mahopac, Carmel, Yorktown, Brewster and Jefferson Valley can definitely book your appointments and pay a visit to us!

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