Top Teas For Health and Well Being: Part 1

Dr, Donna Restivo

Posted on January 26 2019

If you’ve been to a coffee shop recently then you’ve probably noticed the wide variety of tea options available. If you aren’t an expert tea drinker, then it can be a bit daunting to decide on which tea to order, so we thought we’d make it a bit easier for you and provide you with a top ten list of herbal teas to try…



1.     Peppermint Tea. In a previous post, we discussed the importance of digestive health. Along with soluble and insoluble fiber, put peppermint tea on your list of drinks to add to your diet. In addition to supporting your digestive health, this tea has antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

2.     Echinacea Tea. Known as a popular remedy for the common cold, this tea boosts the immune system so it can enhance its job fighting off infections and viruses. Research has proven that it has the potential to shorten symptoms or prevent them entirely.

3.     Chamomile Tea. Oftentimes this tea is used as a sleep aid, thanks to its calming effects. One study involving chamomile tea reflected sleep improvements and fewer depression symptoms in postpartum women. As an added bonus, chamomile tea has been proven to fight diarrhea and stomach ulcers.

4.     Rooibos Tea. Deriving from South Africa, Rooibos Tea has been used for medicinal purposes and has more recently been discovered as benefiting bone health. According to one study, it works by stimulating the cells used in bone density and growth. In addition, it proved to aid in lessening inflammation and cell toxicity. A different study found that participants who drank six cups of rooibos tea every day for six weeks, had lower LDL cholesterol and fat, which is known as the “bad” cholesterol. At the same time, HDL, the “good” cholesterol was increased as a result of drinking the tea.

5.     Ginger Tea. If you’ve ever been a victim to nausea, then you’ve likely been told to consume ginger in one of its many forms. This tea is packed with both flavor and antioxidants that help fight disease. While it’s most commonly known for its ability to fight off nausea, it also battles inflammation while stimulating the immune system. If you suffer with pain associated with menstruation, ginger has been proven to relieve cramps, which are known as dysmenorrhea. Another perk is that ginger tea helps prevent stomach ulcers and relives indigestion and constipation. 

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