Top Drinks That You May be Gaining Calories From

Top Drinks That You May be Gaining Calories From

We often think that food is the biggest culprit when it comes to weight gain, but we have some big news…drinks are just as bad. Whether its spirits or soda, the calories tend to sneak up on us when we indulge in sipping. Here are a few drinks to steer clear of…



Soda. There is essentially no nutritional value in soda. Regular Coke contains 140 calories and 39 grams of sugar. That’s far more sugar than an adult should consume in an entire day. The same goes with ginger ale and Sprite. Just because these liquids are clear, doesn’t mean that they are clear of calories. If you must have soda, add flavored stevia to sparkling water and watch the pounds melt away.

Champagne. We all love to celebrate with a little bubbly from time to time, but even a little four-ounce glass of champagne has anywhere from 95 to 115 calories. That’s a lot of extra cals for a drink that provides no health benefits. Not to mention the fact that alcohol wreaks havoc on the speed of your metabolism. It may be time to switch your toast drink from sparkling wine to sparkling water.

Coffee. Known for its ability to wake you up, coffee is an acceptable drink for those looking to lose weight, but it must be dressed the right way. Adding creamer will tack on an extra 100 cals and while that doesn’t seem like a ton, it adds up over time. And don’t fall for the fancy mochas and flavored lattes that are sold at your local café, as there are nearly 200 calories in a latte alone. When it comes to coffee…keeping it simple is your best bet or add a tablespoon of flavored protein powder.

White wine. A cool glass of sauvignon blanc over ice looks refreshing for a summertime cocktail, but by drinking one, you are adding 120 worthless calories to your diet. Alcohol is essentially an accumulation of wasted calories. Because they don’t profit your body in any way, it’s best to make your deposits elsewhere.

Store bought smoothies. Sure, the label promises that these mixtures of fruits and veggies will give you a mid-day boost, but they also fail to tell you about all the hidden sugars and calories. These fruity blends may give you a boost, but you’ll end up crashing later on when you come down from the sugar rush. Have 2 fruits per day maximum. Make sure they are low glycemic fruits. 

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