Tips For Staying Mindful: Part 1

Tips For Staying Mindful: Part 1

Staying in the moment can be one of the most challenging things to do. We often spend so much time worrying about the future or stuck in a past that we can no longer change. This prevents us from truly living in the moment. If this sounds like you, avoid worry because you are most certainly not alone. The majority of people spend countless hours consumed with thinking about what they should’ve done in the past, whether that be days or even years ago. And just like the past haunts us, the future can be a nonstop thought that lingers in our minds like a pesky fly. While it’s easy to admit that this way of thinking isn’t beneficial for anyone, it’s not always easy to fix, but here are some tips that will most certainly get you on your way to living in the moment and enjoying every single second that life gives you. You just might find that living in the now is a true art form that you can no longer live without.


1. Think about the NOW. We are often so trapped by thoughts that lie in the past or the future that we forget to actually appreciate what we are experiencing in the present moment. Let’s test out a different way of thinking. Instead of hurrying through something like eating, try savoring it and really thinking about the taste and how you feel when you provide sustenance for yourself. Maybe it’s walking to the bus stop. If you are normally hurried while you do this activity, trying to slow down instead. You might just find that you learn something about nature, your true tastes, or something in the environment around you that you didn’t notice before.

2. Make a list of things you can do for fun when you are off from work so that it is easy to quickly choose something fun to do when you have the free time rather than wasting time figuring it out the day you are off.
  • Warm weather Sunny Day
  • Warm weather Rainy Day
  • Cold weather

Then make a bucket list for a special vacation dream. See photo of Dr. Restivo with the dolphins. They feel very comfortable up close with Dr. Restivo. 

3. Breathe. While breathing is technically a physical act, it actually promotes mindfulness and living in the moment, promoting some major mental benefits. Before you participate in a task that will require a lot of attention, set aside a moment to breathe. Sit down, with your hands on the armrests of a chair, close your eyes and inhale through the nose. Hold your breath as you count to two, then exhale from your mouth slowly.

Being present doesn’t just help you, it helps your relationships with others. By being present with others, you are showing them that you respect their company and time and you are allowed to listen on a deeper level and build a stronger relationship.


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