Tips For Maintaining Your Weight Loss: Part 2

Tips For Maintaining Your Weight Loss: Part 2

Much in the same way that a house always needs work, our bodies are constantly in need of tender, love and care. In our previous post we shared a few tips for keeping up the enthusiasm for maintaining a healthy weight after a long fat loss journey. While your biggest challenge may be in the days after you reach your goal, we have some tips to help you stay on track long after you celebrate the last pound dropped.


Stock up on protein. We often hear a lot about fruits and veggies and rightfully so, as they are very important for our health, however; there is one other powerhouse food source to have on our list of go-to ingredients in all of our meals. We must emphasize the importance of protein enough, as it does far more than just fill you up. It does wonders for weight loss when you aren’t even aware of it. Not only does protein work to greatly reduce the hormones in our brains that trigger hunger, but it requires our bodies to use energy in order to metabolize it. Make 30 percent of your calorie’s protein, 15 ounces of protein is a great goal. Do the calculation to see what your body needs.  

Get on the scale. Your past run-ins with the scale may not be your fondest memories, however; now that you have achieved a major goal and you’re at a healthy weight, there is nothing to be scared of. Weighing yourself daily will do wonders for keeping you on track, and as they say, “a scale doesn’t lie.” It will let you know when you’ve gotten of track and allow an opportunity for you to get right back on the path you were on. Weigh yourself daily, rather than judging by the way your clothes fit. The fat hides and sometimes it takes 10 pounds to notice the weight gain if you do not get on the scale. Your health priorities will stay at the forefront of your mind, making it easier to say no to those nightly dessert binges.

While we often think that food and exercise are the main ingredients in a weight loss goal, the mind plays a major role in keeping you moving in the right direction. Being mindful with what you eat and applauding yourself for the little obstacles that you overcome each day are just as important in the long run. 




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