Tips For Changing Your Set Point Weight

Tips For Changing Your Set Point Weight

In a previous post we talked about what Set Point Weight is, and how to achieve your optimal goal. Follow the tips below to lower that setpoint weight and your metabolism will be revved up in no time…



  1. Say goodbye to sugar, starchy vegetables, and wheat. While omitting this list of foods from your diets might overwhelm you, try not to fret, as there are a lot of creative ways that will allow you to cook with just as much flavor as before. By altering the composition of your diet and ridding it of items that aren’t beneficial, you will naturally lower your insulin levels, which will reduce your tendency to store fat. As an added bonus, you will have a decreased appetite. Definite things to omit from your diet are pasta, cereal, bread, and pastries.

  2. Alter your gut. Believe it or not, the types of bacteria that flourish in your intestines play a major role in your body weight set point. One of the best things you can do is to rid your diet of artificial sweeteners, which are known to encourage the growth of certain bacteria that is associated with obesity. You’ll want to opt for fiber-rich foods that nourish friendly bacteria. Fresh fruit and veggies work as a great source of fiber, and when eaten raw, you’ll benefit from the microbes that live in the soil that they grew in.

  3. Be cautious about who and what you surround yourself with. They say that who we are can best be recognized in the five people we spend the most time with. The same is true for food. If you have a gaggle of friends who like to binge on unhealthy options, you may need to step outside the circle during mealtimes or try to convince them to join you in your weight loss goals. Food today is heavily processed and usually comes in packaging that is far larger than the suggested portion size, which makes it tough to say no to more than one when you open that bag of chips. By cooking and eating at home you know exactly what goes into every meal and you are less likely to overeat.

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