The Secret to Losing Weight Isn't a Secret at All

The Secret to Losing Weight Isn't a Secret at All

If you look online and in magazines, you’ll see plenty of articles that claim to reveal the secret to losing weight. Fad diets, extreme calorie reductions, meal skipping, and other tricks are touted as easy alternatives to managing what you eat and exercising. But we’ve known for a long time what the secret to losing weight is. The only thing that has changed is our understanding of how and why it works.


The Secret to Losing Weight is Eating Healthy

Although medical and nutritional research is changing the way we look at weight and our diets all the time, eating a healthy diet has consistently shown to give people results. Exercise is also an important component to maintaining your overall health, including heart health. But as it turns out, your diet plays a bigger role in your weight than we once realized.

That doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. Exercise has been shown to benefit your health in a number of ways beyond weight loss. It can help fight against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological diseases, and can even ease depression symptoms.

But in order to lose weight, you should focus more energy on maintaining a healthy diet every day instead of forcing yourself through an extreme fitness regimen. You can couple your healthy diet with a moderate level of exercise to lose weight and stay healthy. Activities like jogging, riding a bicycle, or going for long walks are relatively easy ways to get exercise.


What Does a Healthy Weight Loss Diet Look Like?

Generally speaking, a healthy weight loss diet will involve cutting out foods that are unnecessary or detrimental to your overall health and adding healthier ones. If you know you eat an unhealthy diet, try imagining what usually goes onto your plate and replacing everything with healthier alternatives. The easiest way to describe a healthy diet is to explain what it isn’t.

For example, here are some areas that usually require attention:

  • Cutting out foods and drinks that have added sugars and solid fats
  • Eating sensible portion sizes
  • Choosing whole foods over refined and processed foods
  • Eating more home-cooked meals
  • Drinking less alcohol
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Ending emotional eating
  • Eating at the table instead of in front of a screen
  • Eating meals regularly
  • Limiting snacking

No need to give up the foods you love completely to lose weight. By enjoying them more responsibly, you’ll create a sustainable diet centered on healthy foods while limiting “bad” foods to special occasions.

At the end of the day, the secret to losing weight is finding a healthy diet that you can stick to – for good. If you take your genetics, your biology, and your body type into account, you have an ideal weight range that is also attainable. The trick is losing the weight you’ve gained by making healthy changes and maintaining your diet over time to reach that ideal weight range.

The best part is you’ll see fast results once you make some healthy changes. Most people see or feel results within a week or even a few days when they cut out sugars, for example.


Learn to Love Healthy Food

If you’ve gained a lot of weight, you’ve likely become accustomed to eating unhealthy food. Eating a healthy diet is difficult for many people because they can’t enjoy healthier options the way they enjoy their unhealthy diet. Eating high amounts of sugar and fat provides you with an immediate sense of gratification that is difficult to replicate on a healthier diet. That instant gratification is misleading, however.

The satisfaction you get from drinking a sugary drink or eating a meal filled with fat is short-lived. Eventually, you’ll be left with all the negative effects of unhealthy eating: fatigue, low energy, lack of concentration, and weight gain. You’ll get a deeper and long-lasting sense of satisfaction from eating healthier meals. You’ll also feel healthier and more energetic.

Eventually, you’ll get a similar kind of satisfaction from eating healthy that you did from eating an unhealthy diet. You’ll also have more peace of mind in knowing that you're providing your body with the necessary nutrients it needs to feel great, perform well, and even fight off diseases. Eventually, the thought of eating all the unhealthy things you used to won’t even appeal to you anymore. Your healthy diet will become customary, and you won’t be as tempted to break from it.

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