The Importance Of Having A Routine: Part 2

The Importance Of Having A Routine: Part 2

In our previous post we offered a few reasons on why it is important to adhere to a routine. It turns out that we were only scratching the surface, and we have a lot more tips to share for committing to a daily task list.


Stress Relief. Life is full of stress-inducing moments. Health, finances, and fear are some of the things that the majority of us stress out about. While you may not be able to control a random health issue or force your boss to give you a raise, you can control your schedule. When we know what lies ahead in our daily routine, then it takes away some of the everyday stresses that we have no control over. Instead of flying by the seat of your pants and approaching your day without intention, setting up and sticking to a daily routine is a source of stress relief that you can control. Instead of spending time thinking and worrying about the tasks ahead, you will know exactly what your routine looks like, from the time you get up in the morning to the time you go to bed. And because you will have one less thing to plan and worry about, you will have that much less stress in your life.

Reduces Procrastination. When you get used to doing the same tasks every day, you will lower your chance of procrastinating, simply because these activities become ingrained in your system and you begin to do them subconsciously. Instead of thinking about all the things that you have to check off your list, commit to scheduling them every day so they become more of a habit and less of a burden on your long list of to-dos.

Prioritize. For some of us, it takes years and years before we learn what our priorities are and we spend far too much time doing the things that don’t benefit us. By setting a daily routine of things that we need to get done, we are prioritizing the things that are important to us. When you schedule an evening workout at the gym every night, you are telling yourself that your health is more important than going out and spending money on dinner or watching television. Sure, it’s great to carve out time to be social, but without hitting your list of priorities every day, then you may never find the happiness that you have been seeking for so long.

Saves Time. Unlike other things in life, time is not replaceable. Once we lose it, we never get it back, which means that it is essentially the most precious asset that we have at our disposal. When we stick to a daily routine, we free up the time that we have to spend on planning, preparing, and decision-making. When we commit to a predetermined schedule, we free up a whole lot of time that we can allocate for enjoyment.


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