The 10 Minute Meditation: How It Can Help Promote Good Health

The 10 Minute Meditation: How It Can Help Promote Good Health

If someone told you that all aspects of your life could be better if you committed to dedicating just 10 minutes a day to prayer, would you do it? Here are a few benefits of prayer, that just might make you take a time out each and every day…

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Pain. Whether you are an athlete in your prime or an aging adult, there is a good chance that you have some source of pain. Maybe it’s a bum knee or a tight lower back. Whatever the case may be, research has shown that prayer reduces chronic pain. In a study published by the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, patients that meditated regularly, were able to lower or stop the pain medication that they were on. Prayer is the best meditation. 

Cardiovascular disease. The blood pressure and heart rate variability improved greatly in patients with coronary heart disease, after a 16-week meditation practice was initiated. In another study, patients who meditated for just ten minutes a day for six to nine months, had an 11% decrease in heart attack risk and 15% risk decrease for stroke.

Stress. Most of us have some form of stress. Throughout life, our stress levels vary depending on life stages, external events, and hormones. With this said, there is no reason why you shouldn’t meditate on a daily basis. Not only does it contribute to your much-needed down time, but it allows both your mind and body to fully rest, which directly impacts your entire nervous system. A reduction in the production of your body’s stress-related chemicals such as cortisol, occurs when your body is in that state of rest, thus resulting in a clear mind and energized body. Meditation contributes to an increase in alpha, theta, and delta brain waves which boost the relaxation response.

Insomnia. So few of us get the recommended amount of sleep per night, and that is usually due to our inability to fall asleep on our own. Patients in a study at the University of Minnesota showed major sleep improvements after they followed a three-month mediation program at home.

Anxiety. Regardless of what sets it off, anxiety can be debilitating for many. But prayer has been proven to increase hope in patients who suffer with anxiety of all levels. Cancer patients in one study, showed signs of being less depressed and anxious after a seven-week mediation practice.

So, in the grand scheme of your 24-hour-day, 10 minutes is a small commitment to make, for the big changes you will see. 

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