Summer Slim Down Secrets

Summer Slim Down Secrets

For most of us, the summer season starts shortly after Memorial Day weekend and keeps us busy well into September. With the nicer weather, our social calendar naturally fills up faster and with a lot more gusto than the winter months, but the only downfall is that our enhanced event schedules have a tendency to get in the way of our diet goals and for some, our progress is put on hold until the air cools off and the events slow down.

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But just because you have back-to-back outings, doesn’t mean you need to stray from your disciplined eating style. The best thing that you can do is to plan for these potential setbacks and make sure that you have your menu items on hand at all times. If you are prepared, then you can tackle your weekly grocery shopping trip accordingly and stock up on allowed diet items that are easy to travel with. Fruits and veggies are a go-to travel option and luckily, most of these items are in season during the warmer months. Pack your travel cooler with berries, sliced grapefruit, green apples and hard-boiled eggs, and you will have all you need to stay full and stay on track.  Whether you are at a BBQ or a beach party, you will be prepared with fresh, healthy snacks to keep you feeling satisfied. 

While it may be more challenging to stay on your toes during the many summer events, the nicer weather is the perfect opportunity to get you outside and participate in activities that will get your blood flowing. What better reason to go for a family walk than when the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping? Not to mention the perks associated with breathing in some fresh air. Make it a family affair and get everyone moving, because after all, a family that plays together stays together. Also, the more you move and stay busy, the more you prevent your mind from thinking about the snacks that will not do your body good. 

One of the most important things you can do for your body is to replenish it so that you stay hydrated. The summer heat causes you to sweat more, which makes hydration even more important, so drink up and if you want to spice up your water, toss a couple lemon slices in it for added flavor. By continuously drinking water throughout the day, your body will stay full for longer and you won’t feel like you are always hungry, which will definitely make your meal plan more likely to stick.

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