Staying on Track and Battling the Nay-sayers: Part 2

Staying on Track and Battling the Nay-sayers: Part 2

As if it’s not hard enough to motivate ourselves on our own, negative people are like pesky flies, landing on us every time we start to feel good and at peace with our goals. The unfortunate news is that there is no avoiding the naysayers, as they are everywhere. They are lurking in the aisles of grocery stores and starting up conversations about their own failed weight loss attempts, they are that aunt at a family reunion who believes weight loss is not possible because of genetics. And there are of course the many billboards targeted at us all…begging us to give in and eat that bowl of ice cream because it will make us feel good. Of course, it will make us feel good, but only for a few seconds. These are all situations that you will be faced with on your journey to tackling a major goal. It’s hard, we aren’t going to lie about that, but here are a couple of things that you can do to help navigate your way through the harsh words and naysaying tales.




3. Never be deterred by past failures. Without failing, we never really learn and every person who has reached great levels of success has failed. And in most cases, they have failed over and over again before they reached their main goal. The only difference between the successful person and the failure, is that the successful person pushed past the failures and got up and tried again…and again. If this is the 10th time that you’ve attempted weight loss to no avail, think about the stars out there and maybe you can acquire some inspiration from their stories. Just think…Stephen King was rejected by 30 separate publishers before his first novel was published. Find someone, whether it is a celebrity or a best friend, who has lost weight, and keep tabs on what they did. If it’s a friend, you are likely to have some great in-person heart-to-hearts, and if it’s a celeb, follow them on social media. Whatever you need to do to turn negativity into positivity and hope.

4. Persist. They say that achievements can only be accomplished along the path of persistence, not by the path of least resistance. Anything major that has ever been accomplished, was the result of long-term hard work. The Brooklyn Bridge took 14 years to build, and the result is immeasurable, as it is responsible for transporting millions of vehicles into Manhattan every year. Your weight loss journey will not be easy; then again, nothing good and lasting, ever was, so focus on your daily successes and staying focused on your goals while faced with negativity.

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