Staying Motivated to Lose Weight and Get Healthy-What to do: PART 2

Staying Motivated to Lose Weight and Get Healthy-What to do: PART 2

When it comes to motivation, the trick is to keep your head in the game. Oftentimes this means that you have to avoid naysayers and instead surround yourself with those who are 100% supportive of your goals. Tell your family and friends about your plan to lose weight so they are on board and they are aware of any lifestyle changes that come along with your goals. The people that you love will most likely be your biggest cheerleaders which will certainly lift you up and keep you moving forward when you find that your motivation is starting to fade. If you think they will sabotage you, keep it your secret and remember your mission has a big commission.  Keep a smile on your face.


While your family and friends may cheer you on, it’s more important to cheer yourself on. There is no good in negative self-talk and if you can’t be your own best friend and believe in yourself then who will? If you find that you don’t have anyone to look up to and keep you motivated, it might be time to turn your views around and start looking to yourself as the example setter. Maybe your ongoing motivation will be cause for someone else to make some health improvements in their lives. Motivation is a rippling effect and it has a tendency to spread. 

Another way to ensure you keep that motivation in tact is to respect yourself and your body. By being proud of what your body can do, you are more likely to want to keep it in tip top shape, so it keeps moving to keep your life moving forward. Instead of looking at your body in a negative way, thank it for what it does to keep you going strong and doing the things you love. You’ll naturally want to keep moving forward to see what else your body can do. You won’t be let down. 

Motivation can be boosted by finding an activity or exercise that you enjoy, and this will only aid in speeding up your weight loss goals. Take a step back into your childhood and think about what you loved to do when you were younger. Did you find fun in dancing or swimming? Maybe it’s time to reincorporate one of these activities into your life for some added movement and motivation.


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