Sleep – an essential part of our routine and body for our own well-being. The importance of this activity cannot be stressed enough. It helps keep you active throughout your entire day, responsive throughout your routine, concentrate on your work and many more such instances.

You take care of this, your struggle with insomnia or disrupted sleep is taken care almost automatically.

Unable to fall asleep at night or getting up in the morning hours, incomplete sleep and sleep patterns can create unnecessary troubles in the body affecting health. So, we have got some valuable tips that will help you tackle the issues head-on and hopefully gets some proper, restorative sleep re-energising you.

First the facts!

When we sleep, our body functions, we must say, all change. From brain activity, heart rate, body temperature, circulation rhythm all change. These are all the factors responsible for the sleep patterns we have. If all is correct, we go through three stages of non-REM sleep and then fall into one stage of deeper REM sleep. A full cycle of these stages lasts about 1.5 hours and we need to complete a cycle to benefit properly from the sleep.

For categorizing it into a good sleep, there must be 5 - 6 of these cycles per night.

These particular pattern disruptions, causes bad sleep – thus affecting our health too. Sleep Tight drops, by Dr. Restivo is a proven formula that addresses all this and helps you to get a good night’s sleep routine.

Sleep Tight Drops are recommended to use at 10 drops 3xday in your water in order to attempt to reset your pineal gland and sleep patterns. Stay away from the computer and cell phones at night the lights stimulate your pineal gland and upset your internal clock.


Here’s wishing you hours of peaceful slumber and tranquil sleep.

So, yes! That’s a wrap to this today’s article about sleep tight drops. Helping you regain the right sleep patterns, so that your sleep routine is back to shape and you do not feel the tiredness affecting you throughout the day.

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