Cold laser detox- a one of a kind therapy to help derive solution to so many chronic pains. It is a neurotoxin release protocol which works on a cellular level in the body. A very painless approach to addressing chronic pains, chronic illness and promoting healing. 

Why cold laser?

When someone asks us what is the use of such a therapy at Dr.Restivo, then we certainly have only one simple answer to this. This therapy is helping bring our clients to such wonderful solutions for helping in their various treatments.Our absolute passion and trust in such products is helping our clients discover a natural, safe, progressive, affordable, and non-invasive path to better health and vitality.

 Cold lasers benefits!

  • Removing chemical toxicity       
  • Reducing toxins at the source
  • Balancing emotions / subconscious mind
  • Stopping oxidative stress – neutralizing free radicals
  • Balancing viral / bacterial / fungal components
  • Resetting the central nervous system
  • Resetting thyroid function
  • Alkalizing the body

Cold lasers deliver the required energy directly to the cells which enhance their ability to produce ATP (adenosine-tri-phosphate) – which is necessary for optimal function, cell repair and regeneration, healing, weight loss and endorphin production, which are the body’s natural painkillers. 

The process helps rid your body of toxins, strengthening your immune system, and improving how you feel is a good feeling of cleansing one must definitely undergo.


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Dr. Restivo’s platform now caters to treatment of peripheral nerves, commonly known as peripheral neuropathy. We provide toxicity urine test, rebuilder electrotherapy, soothing extremity and spinal mobilization with home protocols to reach a solution and get rid of the pain.

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