Setting Yourself Up For Success: Part 2

Setting Yourself Up For Success: Part 2

More often than not, we can achieve success through our thoughts, and the power of the mind far outweighs any other tactics we may try out to avoid food cravings. Sometimes it’s best to divert your attention to something else, however; if that doesn’t work, here are a few more tips that will set you up for success.


Avoid the unhealthy rituals. If you’ve gotten comfortable with a daily ritual that has become commonplace for your routine, it may be time to omit that portion of your day and replace it with something more worthy of your time. Eating at night tends to be one of the most common unhealthy rituals, which can lead you to putting on some extra pounds. Oftentimes, nighttime snacking goes hand in hand with watching television and results in the most dangerous type of consumption…mindless eating. Do something more rewarding than watching television like get through a great book you have wanted to finish or start. Declutter a counter or desk. Switch out the popcorn for berries while you engage in evening entertainment.  It’s crucial to replace bad habits with healthy ones, and from there it’s even easier to deconstruct other habits that avoid helping you feel good about yourself.

Establish a good support system. Do you have a friend who always tries to get you to “twist your arm” and toss your goals aside? If so, he/she may be more likely to fall under the enemy category than be placed under your list of top friendships. A group of friends can either make or break your goals. If you have a group of pals who have the same goals and are just as committed to losing weight as you are, then you can certainly benefit from spending time with them and forming somewhat of a team effort. A support system, when everyone is on the same page, can be extremely beneficial.

Embrace healthy living. Once you start on your healthy-eating journey, it doesn’t take long to recognize the many perks of eating foods that are good for you. You will soon find out that healthy food fuels you, and by focusing on what the food is doing to keep you moving and thriving, it will be much easier to stay on the hearty eating bandwagon. As they say, “nothing worth doing is ever easy,” and that is something that most certainly holds true when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. While it may be much easier to grab a chocolate chip cookie on the go, the results of preparing a bowl of berries instead will far outweigh the convenience in the long run.



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