Post-hip Surgery, What to Expect with Weight loss and Recovery Time

Post-hip Surgery, What to Expect with Weight loss and Recovery Time

While the number of needed hip surgeries seems to be rising every year, the good news is that the hospital stay following the procedure has become shorter. In even more good news, studies have shown that there is a strong relation between hip surgery and weight loss. In most cases, a patient will have to stay in the hospital for one to three days. Thanks to the durability of today’s hip replacements, the recovery is a lot easier than it was years ago. 

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Immediately following the surgery, you may be in slight pain but in most cases you will be given meds to offset the aches. Blood thinners will be given as well, in order to prevent clotting from occurring around the hip joint. 

As long as you are in pretty good shape to begin with, it is best to start getting that hip back to moving, as early as the next day. Physical therapy starts sometimes as early as the same day of the surgery and you will be taught a few exercises that will help with your recovery. One to two days following the procedure, you will be partnered up with a walker or a pair of crutches and you will start to make use of your walking muscles. 

By day three, it will most likely be time to go home and it will be a bit easier to get around; however, you should have help lined up for rides, since you will be advised to refrain from getting behind the wheel for another 3-6 weeks. If you feel that you need additional help, it’s best to check into a rehab facility or hire the help of a health aide. 

Whatever you do, make sure that you keep on moving and commit to the exercises that the therapist gave you for homework. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the extra attention you will need to give to the area around the incision. Keep it dry as best as you can and avoid creams, lotions, and ointments. 

By day 14-post surgery, your stitches should’ve dissolved. If not, you’ll need to have them removed. Following the removal of the stitches, your doctor may advise you to keep the site dry for another two days. You may have much less pain now, and will likely be off pain medications. 

Depending on your body’s ability to heal, you will be back to doing normal light activities by weeks 3-6. With the exception of mild soreness in the area, you are getting closer to a full recovery, and by week 10 you may completely feel like yourself again. For the next year, you will see your doctor for follow-up visits, and  may be able to go about your normal routine. 

Losing weight following hip surgery is very likely for a few reasons. When we are in pain we naturally don’t want to move the afflicted area. Following hip surgery you will have a new outlook and you’ll be equipped with a new and improved hip that will simply make you want to get up and out and start moving again. Having a new hip that moves with ease will allow you to focus on your own goals more, free from the pain you suffered with for so long. Some people find themselves taking up new activities they’ve never done before, after they have a hip surgery.


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