Part 4: Start Your Weight Loss Success Story Today

Part 4: Start Your Weight Loss Success Story Today

One of the reasons why patients love Dr. Restivo’s weight loss program is the fact that when the weight is lost, it typically stays lost.

The majority of people who’ve tried Weight Watchers, have found that they may lose weight but that new weight target is hard to maintain, and they find that the weight comes back as soon as they have a single setback. While Weight Watchers is fairly simple to follow, it offers no guidance on how to reset your metabolism, which is truly the only efficient way to lose weight. By cutting calories, you are still adding to the toxins that are already in your body, so your body never really gets that kickstart that it needs. Instead of cutting cals and following a program that limits your options, why not hit your weight loss goals head-on with your foot pressed firmly against the gas? Sure, you may be challenged at first by the change in menu options, however the quick results that you will see from the decrease of toxins in your body, is sure to keep you motivated to keep moving in the direction you want to be in.

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Dr. Restivo believes that it is less about the calorie count, and more about the actual ingredients that you put into your body. Take for example the 100-calorie cookie versus the 100-calorie bowl of strawberries. Sure, a cookie might cure your sweet tooth hankering briefly, however it will eventually zap you of some much-needed energy and leave you feeling drained. The strawberries on the other hand, will give you the sweet taste that you craved yet it will keep you going for a lot longer.  And there is a good chance you will be fuller as you get more ‘bang for your buck’ with the bowl of strawberries than you do with one small cookie. Sprinkle a good quality chocolate protein shake on your strawberries for fun.

So, maybe it’s time to forego the stress of counting calories like Weight Watchers suggests, and instead, just make better choices when it comes to what goes in your mouth. There is a good chance that you will be so thrilled with the immediate results that you’ll decide to make it a lifestyle change. And surely, after a little while, you will no longer crave cookies and you’ll naturally reach for the strawberries which are filled with powerful antioxidants, fiber and a wide variety of vitamins.

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