Part 3: The Power of Cold Laser Therapy

Part 3: The Power of Cold Laser Therapy

There are a lot of reasons why Dr. Restivo’s weight loss plan works for people of all different backgrounds and lifestyles.  Because she approaches the program from a variety of different angles, your body has no choice but to react and respond positively. By combining the proper meal plan with ion cleanses and the right vitamins, you will see a boost in your physical and mental health, unlike other plans that simply act as a temporary quick fix. Through scientific research, Dr. Restivo discovered that cold laser therapy also aids in moving your fat loss goals along, and the process is not only painless, it’s soothing and relaxing as well. The treatments, which are also known as Level Laser Therapy (LLT), target the cells that hold fat and evacuate the pesky fat like a bad tenant. Then, the body’s lymphatic systems naturally does the rest of the work and gets rid of the fat safely.

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The results of the cold laser therapy have been proven in a study that was conducted by Louisiana State University in 2011. Researchers concluded that the weight loss associated with the therapies were statistically significant, showcasing an improvement that was both healthy and cosmetic. Cosmetic because the patients looked better as a result of the weight loss and healthy because part of the process involves ridding your body of hidden toxins in the fat cells and let’s face it…it’s always good to get rid of the bad and harmful venom that is swimming in your bodily fluids.

The cold laser therapy procedure is a relaxing experience, patient can sit up or lay on the table and relax while the laser does its magic and the best part is that the session only takes nine minutes for a single or 18 for a double. Weight loss is typically seen in as early as two weeks.

With other weight loss programs, pounds may be shed however the patients’ bodies never get the detox necessary to gain some powerful health changes. These changes result in more energy that is necessary to tackle your day, keep up with the grandkids and lengthen your life.  

While cold laser therapy may not cure your weight loss woes by itself, the powerfully packed combo of a diet change, ion cleanses, vitamins and laser therapy will certainly bring on some bodily improvements. There aren’t too many other weight loss programs that offer the lethal combo designed to target fat loss at such an aggressive and healthy rate.

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