Part 2: Healthy Weight Loss On Your Terms

Dr, Donna Restivo

Posted on June 21 2018

Location location location. It’s not everything, and that is evident in the support that you receive while on your weight loss journey with Dr. Restivo. No need to be nearby the office to meet with the pros behind the plan, as there are a variety of different video explanations for those who are not nearby. And if you simply feel avoiding traffic would be great, log on and watch these videos in the privacy of your own home. You won’t be forced to come to weekly physical meetings like Weight Watchers, but once you start our program, as a positive side effect you will find that your overall health will improve naturally. Medical issues? No problem,  we’ve had cancer survivors, patients with diabetes, and those who are on psychiatric medication, come out of the program feeling better, looking better, and having passed major medical hurdles.

 Cold Laser Therapy-1

When you simply cut back on calories, all you are really doing is restricting the number of calories that your body was used to. On Dr. Restivo’s program, your metabolism is literally reset, sending your body on a major fat-burning mission. Unlike other weight-loss program, the reduction of toxins is a major component. For the in office program Dr. Restivo offers ion  and cold laser treatment, which are  relaxing ways to cleanse the body. By way of currents, harmful toxins that are encapsulated by non-essential fat cells are removed from the body. And as an added bonus, you’ll feel rejuvenated and energetic, you’ll naturally feel more restful and your pain symptoms will be lifted, which will lead to a lightening of your mood. All of these results can be seen and felt almost instantly. Who would’ve thought it would be this easy and relaxing to lose weight?

Because the reality is that toxins caused by artificial food additives and air pollution are impossible to avoid. It’s essential that we cleanse our bodies and rid them of these harmful weight-gain triggers, which is why Dr. Restivo makes it a point to guide you throughout the detoxification process.        

Unlike other diet plan consultants, Dr. Restivo is well-educated and well-aware of the burdens that our bodies face every day due to the environment we live in. When you join the program, you sign up to make a life change, not a quick fix diet plan that will leave you feeling frustrated and sluggish.

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