NY Sports Clubs In The Hudson Valley: Learn the membership specifics

NY Sports Clubs In The Hudson Valley: Learn the membership specifics

NY Sports Clubs are located throughout the Hudson Valley as well as across the rest of the state of New York. The unique atmosphere at these gyms offers clients an entire list of benefits, depending on which level of membership they choose to purchase. From attending classes to having privileges to attend Sports Clubs in other locations, each level of membership has something of value to offer those who purchase them.

The 30-Day $30 Guest Pass

If you have a friend who is unsure about purchasing a full membership package, encourage them to try the 30-day $30 Guest Pass. This allows a person to use the gym at certain times, and depending on the location, may include access to specific classes. The guest pass also allows the user to interact with trainers to find out if they would enjoy the advantages of personalized training sessions.

The Benefits of Membership

Full membership offers users different advantages at different levels. Basic membership allows the user full access to the facility and the classes that are offered, while Premium membership allows these benefits, in addition to being able to utilize the services of other Sports Clubs in different New York locations. Even the out of state Clubs are available to use. Members also get discounted rates with personal trainers.

Pricing and Fees

The monthly price of the membership will depend on the level purchased. Fees will be added for classes, babysitting, training, etc. and will be charged to each patrons account on the 15th of each month. An annual fee is charged each year on the anniversary of the membership's purchase. The annual fee is used by the facility to maintain and support the many projects that are ongoing at the gym.

Membership Suspensions

If for any reason you cannot use your membership for a specific amount of time, due to health reasons or an extended vacation, you can suspend your membership. There are a few stipulations, however. They include:

  • Suspensions must be for longer than one month, but less than twelve months

  • The months for which the membership will be suspended will be added to the end of the contract

  • While the monthly charge will be waived during the suspension, a monthly fee will be charged to maintain the account in your absence

  • You will be prohibited from using the facility or any of its services while on suspension

Once you are able to return to the gym, you will have your membership reinstated and the additional months added back onto your contract.

Cancellation Policies

There are special stipulations that allow for a member to cancel their membership according to the terms listed in the contract.

  • If the member has no obligation term, their membership may be canceled at any time as long as they provide sufficient notice to the Sports Club management.

  • Members must request to terminate their membership either in person or through a Certified letter sent to the management team at the Sports Club.

  • Early termination, medical termination, and termination due to moving are allowed, but each will result in a cancellation fee.

The terms of cancellation and suspension are included in the membership guidelines that a person received when they signed the contract to begin their membership.

Perks of Membership

NY Sports Clubs understand that in order to keep their members satisfied, they need to offer exactly what they are looking for. This includes daycare during certain hours of the day (this differs from facility to facility), access to the facility swimming pool, racquetball courts, various classes, and kid's programs to encourage physical activity at an early age. Lessons are available for all of the racquet sports, as well as for swimming, and training programs. The childcare program and kid's physical fitness programs are designed to allow the parents to participate in the activities they enjoy as well as teach children the importance of physical fitness. Exercise programs and activities are used to help encourage children to stay active and fit right along with their parents.

NY Sports Clubs offer several different levels of training for their members. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, the Clubs have a membership to suit your every need. As you continue to progress, you can upgrade or even downgrade your membership. Everyone's needs will change from time to time and management at the Clubs work extremely hard to make sure every person is completely satisfied with their experiences. Call your local NY Sports Club today and find out the prices for each of the membership levels. Take the plunge and get back into the swing of things!


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