Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Sometimes the journey to get to your weight loss goal is actually the easier part of the process. While you are working your way toward your goal, you get lifted every time you take a baby step. When you are following a specific meal plan and exercise routine, you will likely lose around 2.5 pounds a week, which makes for some weekly celebrations that boost your positivity and help motivate you to move forward. Once your goal weight is achieved, it becomes a maintenance plan, which doesn’t always give you that weekly feeling of success. Instead of getting too comfortable once you’ve reached your goal weight, we have some tips that will help motivate you every day, even after you hit the number you want.


Be aware. Life goes on, and it most certainly will not pause just because you are at the weight you’ve worked hard for. There is a good chance that you will endure a life change or some type of stress in the near future, however; it doesn’t mean that you have to forego your routine and forget about your maintenance plan. Be aware of your emotions getting in the way of all that you have worked hard for, accept that you may not be able to control the things that happen to you, and know that you can definitely control the amount of calories that goes into your body.

Never stop moving. Okay, so you’ve reached that goal weight and you are flaunting the sleeveless shirts now that you’ve shed some of the fat that had accumulated on your arms all these years. So, you tell yourself that you can take a breather from exercise for a while. If you think that your body will maintain where it is once you stop making movement a priority, then you are wrong. Your body craves movement and without it, your muscles will forget what you taught them during the months that you worked so hard to get where you are today. You don’t have to go crazy in the gym, but it is important to get the blood flowing on a daily basis with some form of activity, even if it’s just a brisk walk. You’ll find that it will do wonders for both your body and mind. Not only will you keep the weight off, but you’ll have a clearer mindset and much better sleep patterns.

Eat breakfast. It may seem easy to opt out of the first meal of the day, however; there is a reason why it’s so important to eat breakfast every day. When you have a healthy meal first thing in the morning, it sets you up for success for the rest of the day. According to studies, 78% of breakfast eaters maintained their 30-pound weight loss a year after they reached their goal weight.



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