Love Your Body Again

Love Your Body Again

When it comes to our physical appearance, we tend to be overly hard on ourselves. We have a tendency to become consumed by our flaws, narrowing in on them any time we look in the mirror and obsessing over how we will look in certain clothing styles. While this is easier said than done, maybe we could try to love the body we are in. If we focus on all our bodies allow us to accomplish every single day, then maybe we will have an easier time accepting our flaws and someday even flaunting them. Here are a few tips for building up some much-needed love for your physical appearance.


Take a good look. If you are like most women, a day doesn’t go by when you don’t look in the mirror. It can be an automatic reaction to see the things we don’t like about ourselves and pick them apart, until we are completely self-conscious. Instead of beating yourself up, try looking yourself in the eyes while saying, “I love you,” loud and proud. Self-talk like this is proven to work and can be beneficial to your well-being. It can also help to slap a few Post-It notes with compliments on the mirror, so you see them first thing every morning. You only have one body to get you through this life, avoid beating yourself up. 

Be grateful. One way to up your self-love is to carve out time each day to show yourself some appreciation. By writing down three things that your body allows you to do, you will get in the mindset of being grateful for the body that helps you move through life.  

Stop comparing. With social media being front and center in our lives nowadays, it’s hard not to compare ourselves to others, but remember that most people aren’t putting up photos of how they look first thing in the morning. It’s never healthy to compare yourself with others, and especially when you compare your physical appearance with someone else’s. We are all unique and true happiness comes from embracing yourself and all the blessings that you were born with. 

Take care of yourself. We are usually told to take care of ourselves and diving into the core of what makes us truly happy is the best way to take care of our bodies. Deep breaths, walks on the beach, and dates with friends are activities that could give you the boost that you need, and the life that you want.

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