Learn About My In-Home Weight Loss Program

Learn About My In-Home Weight Loss Program

Losing weight just got easier! With my in-home weight loss program, you will have the capability of losing up to 40 pounds in 40 days! My in-home weight loss program allows you to lose the weight you want without exercise and without stressing over your diet. My program is safe and effective. It works by detoxifying the body and eliminating all of the excess baggage within your system that causes it to function slower. My weight loss program gives you a kick start that will get you on the road to your weight loss goals and allow you to maintain your ideal weight once you achieve it.

Full Body Detox

A full body detox involves cleaning and detoxifying not only the organs but the muscles and other soft tissues as well. The program involves four elements that, when used together, will clear toxins and contaminants, draining them from the body. This regulates the body's physiological functions and helps to increase the efficiency of all of the major organs. Detox and Organ Support Drops are tasteless and all natural. By adding these drops to your water, you will be able to lose the fat and maintain the amount of muscle you already have.

The Right Diet

We will help you build your diet using your own foods. A list will be provided that contains the foods that will allow you to lose the maximum amount of weight with minimum effort. You will receive a manual that contains multiple enjoyable recipes, including snacks you can eat throughout the day. In addition to your diet, we will help you supplement your nutrition by providing you with a potent, tasty liquid multi-vitamin. The vitamin supplement contains 415 ingredients and will provide you with the energy you need, as well as allow you to get the sleep you need to maintain good health. When you start your vitamin regimen, the aches and pains will begin to dissipate and you will begin to feel more revitalized.

Although it is not required, we include a full body chemistry analysis to improve other pre-existing health conditions. Patients have been able to obtain results in areas they have struggled with for many years. By identifying these obstacles, we can provide specific recommendations for health improvement.

No Exercise

With my in-home weight loss program, no exercise is required. By using my Detox and Organ Support Drops in your water every day, your body will begin to burn fat while you sleep. In most cases, this can result in 2/3 to 1 pound of fat being lost each night. In addition to maintaining your normal level of physical activity, this weight loss will help you stay on your path so that you can achieve your ideal weight. Even though no exercise is necessary or required to achieve the up to 40-pound weight loss, we encourage our patients to participate in some form of exercise every day, whether it be walking or stretching.

System Survey

We use a System Survey that will tell us any weaknesses you may have. We will identify your top 4 system weaknesses. Knowing these four weaknesses allows us to help you strengthen the areas of your body, that in the past, gave you the most resistance when it came to losing weight and remaining healthy. Once we have your system survey, we will get you started on a supplement program that will help you fine tune your system. If needed, we can provide additional supplementation as your weight drops and your system begins to function more efficiently.

My in-home weight loss/full body detox program is unique because we put your physical body's needs first by eliminating the toxins that are holding you back. We uncover what your body needs, and then work to make sure those needs are met. We provide you with the tools you need and we walk with you every step of the way. Our goal is to help you lose the weight you need in a healthy and effective manner.

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