Know how stress and emotions lead you to weight gain


Florida is one such place in the world where it has a season of hurricanes!

During one such season of a hurricane, South Floridians woke up to discover they had increased 4 pounds in a few days. 

Following seven days of Stacey's pita chips, Chips-Ahoy, Nutella, nutty spread and jam sandwiches, and stress-related eating and gorging in dark unlit homes and condominiums without TV and the Internet, South Floridians, at last, had power. 

Out of nowhere, they had the option to see themselves in the mirror. What they saw was half-dressed, sweat-drenched zombies with pants that didn't fasten and buttons flying off their tops and shirts. Most stirred out from the semi-trance of fatigue and to the unexpected glare of TV and mobile/laptop screens reporting the old world was still there.

Although some South Floridians were careful with what they ate, many others because of boredom and anxiety passed the time eating all kinds of comfort foods. Others consumed everything in their refrigerator in less than a day fearing spoilage and waste. Those that had stocked up before the storm, often stress shopping, saw the food–healthy or not-disappear rapidly. But even those whose electricity stayed on throughout the hurricane gave in to unhealthy, stress-related eating.

Gradually most acknowledged how food and snacks had filled both emotional and physical roles. Daily schedules with quick weight loss were broken and a significant number of people started to accept that the entirety of the old principles never again applied. 

South Floridians ate and drank what they needed realizing that remains would not last. They completed entire packs of chips and treats thinking there would be no alternative for some time. One patient said that "once the power went out, the main activity was eating and eating only.."

This is in times of natural disaster and with no options to work on alternatives or try healthy options. 

But what about in regular good days without any natural disaster falling upon you? 

Do you end up hustling to the pantry when you're feeling down or in any case emotionally disturbed? 

Discovering peace in food is normal, and it's called emotional eating. 

People who emotionally eat reach for food several times a week or more to suppress and soothe negative feelings. They may even feel guilt or shame after eating this way, leading to a cycle of excess eating giving up their quick weight loss programs and associated issues, like weight gain.

So what causes you to eat mindlessly blowing lose weight fast programs that you joined with all your mighty willingness when you are emotional and stressed? 

Anything from work worry to money-related stresses, medical problems to relationship battles might be the root cause of your emotional and stress eating. 

It's an issue that influences both genders. Be that as it may, as indicated by various examinations, emotional and stress eating is more typical with ladies than with men.

Why food? 

Negative feelings may prompt a sentiment of not belonging or an emotional void. Food is accepted to be an approach to fill that void and make a bogus sentiment of "totality/ fullness" or impermanent completeness.

You might have the option to stop emotional and stress eating or enthusiastic eating by making sense of why you need food comfort. Does it quiet and calm you down, cheer you up, remunerate you for an intense day, or a combination? 

Recognizing these thoughts can make it simpler to oppose surrendering for food. It likewise assists with the understanding that enthusiastic eating doesn't take care of the issue that made you upset.

So how to differentiate with real hunger and emotional craving? Our below table will help you easily decide on this and help your weight loss program.

Remember these points and when you are alone, bored, emotionally high and have an irresistible craving, question your self with these questions.

When you recognize a pattern, build up a procedure to break it. For example, on the off chance that you regularly eat on the grounds that you think you deserve it following an extremely hard day, recall that you additionally have the right to get thinner, feel healthy, and be glad for yourself. I eat on account of stress, emotions and pressure, figure out how to deal with that pressure. Yoga, Meditation, and regular exercise can help diminish feelings of anxiety and unwanted eating that can blow up your weight loss program.

Physical hunger

Emotional hunger

It develops slowly over time.

It comes about suddenly or abruptly.

You desire a variety of food groups.

You crave only certain foods.

You feel the sensation of fullness and take it as a cue to stop eating.

You may binge on food and not feel a sensation of fullness.

You have no negative feelings about eating.

You feel guilt or shame about eating.


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