Keeping a Positive Attitude When Faced with Ailments

Keeping a Positive Attitude When Faced with Ailments

We all have a point in our lives when we come face to face with an illness or injury that is sure to make us feel like less of a person. Negative energy like this can be lethal, as it tends to spiral out of control, leaving you nit-picking every single aspect of your life. The major problem with this is that you fail to see the good, and believe it or not, there is good in everything. We have some tips to get you looking up from that feeling of helplessness associated with ailments and looking to a future that is brighter than you might think. 



  1. Treat yourself. During this time, you may be in an environment where you are being poked and prodded by medical experts on a regular basis, which makes it even more important to show yourself some gratitude. If you can, give your body a great big thank you for working so hard, and book a day at the spa. It will certainly be a nice change from the bright hospital lighting and antiseptic feeling that you’ve been exposed to. Applaud your body and allow yourself an escape and a bit of pampering.

  2. Express yourself. Talking to your family may not feel like the best outlet when you are undergoing a procedure or experiencing an illness that is foreign to most people. Pull out a piece of paper and a pen and start journaling about anything that you are feeling. By putting your feelings down on paper, it serves as an escape and will help you face your current situation. And as an added bonus, journaling can work as a great tool for keeping tabs on your symptoms. Spill your feelings and you will soon get a sense of relief, without having to explain yourself to anybody but…yourself.

  3. Be present. This may be one of the hardest states to be in, as we are naturally stuck in the past and worried about the future, but by being present, you are giving yourself permission to let go and live. While your current state of health might not be your favorite point in life, it will likely be a time that you learn a lot from, and one day, you will reflect on it. Try prayer if you really want to work on staying in the moment. There are several tutorials out there designed to provide you with tips for dealing with the now.

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