Keep Flexibility Over 50 With These 5 Exercises

Keep Flexibility Over 50 With These 5 Exercises

Stretching is one of the things that we simply don’t do enough of. Oftentimes we will give up our necessary daily stretches for something else that comes along, leaving us achy and tight. By putting aside a few minutes a day, you can avoid the discomfort that is caused by tight muscles and lack of movement. Try these five easy stretches to better your mobility.

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  1. Arm opener. In today’s world we are often hunched over a computer or our phones, which puts a lot of pressure on our chest and shoulder muscles. Try interlacing your hands behind you while you’re in a standing position. While you look straight ahead, slowly raise your arms behind you and away from your tailbone. As you hold the pose, take five deep breaths.


  1. Hip stretch. Because we are typically in the sitting position for several hours a day, we put a lot of pressure on our hips and lower back. By standing up and leaning forward, you can release some of the built up tension. For an added focus point, try bending one knee at a time, while letting your head fall heavy toward the floor. 


  1. Hip lean. Part of stretching is warming up the muscles. Stand with your feet together and place your hands on your hips. Then, rotate your hips in one direction five times, before switching directions and circling your hips five times in the other direction. Keep your spine elongated and try not to move your shoulders while you keep your stomach pulled in. The focus is on the hips so try to make as wide of a circle as possible.


  1. Lat stretch. When we are sitting or on the computer for long periods of time, our upper back muscles take the brunt of it as they work hard to keep our body upright. Instead of placing added pressure these muscles, get up and find a table. You’ll lean forward and place your hands on the table, while standing with your feet hip-width apart. Make sure that your stomach muscles are braced and your back is flat, while your arms stay straight.


  1. Tricep stretch. Because they are a smaller muscle, the triceps are often forgotten. Try giving them some extra attention and avoid having them tighten up too much on you. Start out by standing with your feet hip-width apart and roll your shoulders back and down. You’ll then reach your right arm to the ceiling while keeping your shoulders down and away from bunching up toward your neck. Bend your right elbow and aim your hand toward the middle of your back. Take your left hand and pull on the right elbow gently. Repeat this with the left tricep and hold for 15-20 seconds.

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