Ionic foot bath therapy relies on proven biological principles to promote whole body and mind wellness. Ionic foot bath therapy helps to eliminate numerous toxic substances in 100-percent all natural ways while unblocking critically needed energy pathways throughout the body

Popularly known as ion cleanse foot bath or detoxification foot spa. It is a valuable and effective clinical tool.

Why opt for Ionic footbath therapy?

This treatment contributes to a biological environment that's favourable to overall good health and is popularly known to enhance vitality while promoting clarity of mind and a genuine sense of well-being in the body.

Come experience this wonderful therapy at Dr. Restivo, providing you the state-of-the-art detoxification foot spa therapy at the healing centre. 

Are you suffering from minor to severe aches and pains? Decide to pursue a more vital, healthier and pain-free tomorrow – choose ionic footbath today. Ion cleanse foot bath treatments are easily accomplished when an individual immerses his or her feet in a soothingly warm saline solution, through which runs a precisely calibrated, low voltage electrical current.

The process in detail

A completely safe and totally free of side effects, ionic footbath process functions by allowing the electrical current to travel in a circuit throughout the body while generating what are known as "positively charged ions".

Choose the combination package of Ionic foot bath detoxification therapy and cold laser sessions combination packages and avail package prices at $98 per session.


Please feel free to contact us for all such worries. Dr. Donna Restivo and team, from DC have been working in and serving the communities of Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Bronx, New Jersey and Ulster counties, as well as New York City and Connecticut, since 1983. Restivo Health and Wellness is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives; combining skill and expertise that span the entire wellness spectrum.

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