What is intraMIN?

Drucker Labs intraMIN is a 100% organic liquid trace mineral supplement that has 70+ trace minerals fueled by intraCELL V Technology


 Why intraMIN for a healthy body?

intraMIN is produced using intraCELL Technology. This innovative cold-fill manufacturing process allows the trace minerals in intraMIN to retain their maximum nutritional value while being enriched organically with naturally-sourced fulvic acid.

intraMIN contains Carbon-bound trace minerals and naturally-occurring electrolytes that promote immune health and muscle function support and serves as a natural energy source.

Quick facts about the product!

A fully vegan product recommended for ages four and above.

Intracell Technology is founded on solid, scientific evidence in muscle physiology. It employs a sophistication that attracts top level athletes, performing artists and those who aspire to obtain peak physical performance.

intraMIN provides supplementary minerals for those that may need additional immune system and muscle function support. intraMIN also serves as a natural energy source for pre/post workouts.

Drucker Lab's intraMIN products use a proprietary carbon-bonding process called intraCELL Technology. This technology allows living carbon to bind to nutrients within each product in order to provide a faster, more efficient absorption rate. 

The Benefits of Organic, Carbon-Bonded Minerals intraMIN supplements

The carbon-bond organic micro-complexes found in intraMIN may provide support for the body in a variety of ways:

  • intraMIN aids in proper activation and assimilation by our bodies of other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.
  • intraMIN supports healthy blood and bones via building and repairing muscles, tissues, joints, ligaments and tendons.
  • intraMIN helps you achieve proper balance and composition of body pH, poly-electrolytes and fluids.
  • Lastly, in intraMIN certain minerals may help neutralize free radicals, thus limiting the damage they cause to cells, and resisting the aging process itself.

WHY does Dr. Restivo recommend intraMIN?

intraMIN should be used as the first line of choice for health care issues that require minerals to stabilize the body. It is best to remove all other kinds of nutritional supplementation and focus only on intraMIN. Once health concerns are controlled or are better, it is then desirable to use intraMAX which is a base of intraMIN with the addition of a complete daily vitamin and nutrient supplement.

Today’s blog we have stated the various reasons why Dr. Restivo and team always suggest these wonderful dietary supplements for supporting your body for immunity, supplements for pre/post workouts. Hope you enjoyed the information conveyed across. Interested to start the usage for yourself, shop here only at Dr. Restivo's website.

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