How Your Organs Are Affected by An Extra 15lbs-Part 3

How Your Organs Are Affected by An Extra 15lbs-Part 3

Too much of anything is never really a good thing, especially when it comes to your body. As we learned in the previous post, excess fat in the body can wreak havoc on our organs and how efficiently our body runs and recovers.



Kidneys. Processing nearly 200 gallons of blood each day to filter out waste products and unneeded fluid, the kidneys play a major role in keeping the body functioning. While it’s beneficial to have some fat surrounding your kidneys for protection purposes, too much fat can cause several different issues in your body. The more fat that surrounds your kidneys is directly related to your chance of developing kidney disease and this chance goes up even more if you have type-2 diabetes. Diabetes aids in the buildup of glucose in the blood, which acts as a poison, causing harm to the nephrons in the kidneys. Excess fat in the body in general results in high blood pressure, which causes the small blood vessels in your kidneys to be damaging, inhibiting them from effectively filtering wastes from the blood.

Skin. Known as the largest organ in the body, the skin protects you from dangerous environmental conditions including bacteria. In addition, the skin minimizes water loss from the body while also repelling it from external sources, and it protects the nerves, organs, and blood vessels that keep the body running efficiently. When we have additional fat in the body, that can be shown by way of stretch marks, darkening of the skin due to hormone changes and redness and irritation caused by stretching and swelling of the skin. Healthy skin goes beyond a cosmetic concern and the essential organ serves as the barrier to your bloodstream and the gatekeeper for agents that cause infection. When the body’s mass doesn’t match the skin’s elasticity, it may cause a serious illness.

Lungs. Much in the same way fat surrounds your heart, liver, and kidneys, your lungs are also in the danger when in the presence of excess fat. According to studies, significant amounts of adipose tissue surrounding the lungs, can diminish the capacity for air and lead to poor overall ventilation. If you have existing respiratory diseases, your symptoms will be exacerbated, and if you don’t have a respiratory disease, you will incur the same side effects as if you did. Those who are obese are far more likely to have obstructive sleep apnea, further limiting the oxygen that their bodies take in. This can be enough of an issue during the day and can turn fatal at night. 

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