How To Stay On Track During Summer BBQ's: Part 2

How To Stay On Track During Summer BBQ's: Part 2

In our previous post, we shared a few tips on how to maintain your healthy eating habits when temptation strikes at the many summer BBQ’s that you’ll likely be invited to. Here are a few more that are sure to keep your waistline looking just as slim when you leave the BBQ as it was when you arrived…


Ditch the bun. Thanks to the low-carb craze, people are learning just how bad it is to overdo the carbs. And the best part about this, is that it’s a very simple adjustment no matter where you are. All you have to do is “ditch the bun.” You can still have your burger or turkey dog, just opt to forego the bun and not only will you save some unnecessary calories, but you will feel much lighter than if you consumed a dense piece of bread that essentially has no valuable nutrition component.

Dress accordingly. This is probably the one time that we will advise you to wear tight-fitting clothes. Before you object, you must know that there is a method to our madness and a reason why we are suggesting a tighter top than you’d normally choose. When our minds don’t register that our hunger is satisfied, a more fitting outfit will certainly let you know when you’ve overeaten. As shallow as it sounds, you are less likely to want your pals to see a bulge in your belly than you are to grab another helping of potato salad. Men, we recommend that you wear a belt so you have no choice but to feel the bulge when it’s time to call it quits at the buffet. Women, a tight top will do wonders for helping you to avoid the dessert table.

Skip the sides. For some reason, all the unhealthy side dishes seem to make their annual appearance during the summer months. Potato and pasta salad, garlic bread, summer salads that are packed with sugary dressings. There is no rule that says you have to have a side, so it might do you good to just focus on the main dishes that are more likely to be packed with protein. Burgers, marinated chicken, and seafood options will leave you feeling less bloated and will allow you to maintain steady energy levels, whereas a heap of potato salad will leave you feeling sluggish. 



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