How to Fight Food Cravings

How to Fight Food Cravings

Food cravings can be your biggest challenge when you are attempting to lose or maintain weight. With sugar and carb-loaded treats on display everywhere you go, it’s easy to feel tempted, but here are some ways to fight off those craving like a trained pro. 

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Drink water. As your body’s most needed source of sustenance, water works in a lot of ways and one of them is filling you up fast. Instead of caving into that craving, drink a glass of water and you may find that you’ve forgotten about the temptation or your stomach may be too full and that candy bar no longer looks quite so appetizing. 

Plan your meals. Just as they say that preparation is key to success in your career, it’s key to success in your health goals as well. By planning your meals you are preparing yourself mentally for what you are going to put into your body. If you don’t plan meals in advance, you are more likely to get off track and grab something on the go, which could be the start of a long line of poor food choices. 

Eat more protein. Protein is known as the most filling macronutrient because it is low in energy density, meaning that it is low in calories for its weight. These types of foods are very filling and will prevent you from having cravings later. Stock up on chicken, fish, meat and eggs to get more for less. 

Distance yourself from the craving. If you have a hankering for sugar, the simple solution is to distance yourself from those foods. The mind has the ability to forget what you were originally craving if you opt to take a walk or tend to a chore. This way you will get more done and stay on track with your weight loss goals. 

Eat regularly. When we go hours without eating, we have a tendency to crave sweet or salty items, because our body gets to a point where it becomes so hungry that it throws out all desire to eat healthy and instead it gets attached to the flavor associated with sugar or carbs. Eating every three hours or so allows us to fuel our body regularly. 

Avoid stress. We’ve all seen the movies where a stressed out woman is binging on ice cream on the couch. The stereotype comes with some truth to it, as our bodies naturally crave unhealthy snacks when we are in a state of stress. And when we are stressed, our cortisol levels rise, which leads to weight gain. The best thing you can do is implement a lifestyle that includes stress-fighting rituals, such as mediation and preparing in advance for life’s many tasks. 

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