How To Avoid Procrastination: Part 2

How To Avoid Procrastination: Part 2

In our previous post we started our journey on the road to avoiding procrastination in all aspects of life. Oftentimes it’s not actually doing a project or working toward a goal that is the hard part. Instead, it’s usually most challenging in those moments before, getting yourself geared up and motivated to face it head-on. Here are a few more tips to help you hit the ground running.


Rid yourself of distractions. With technology at our beck and call, we are more distracted than ever before. It is no surprise that our cell phones are practically glued to our hands, considering the majority of our questions can be answered by a simple Google search. While technology has made life convenient in many ways, it has also been the reason for a lot of projects being pushed aside. It happens in the home, at work, and even when we are in the middle of conversations with others. The phone undoubtedly comes out and minutes later, you are finding yourself scrolling through the social media feed of a friend you haven’t spoken to in 20 years. When you are trying to complete a particular project, it’s best to set the phone aside and give the project your undivided attention. You’ll find that you will get it done far faster and with more focus than if you had your phone within reach.

Tackle your least-loved tasks first. Some of us can only exercise in the morning and if we don’t get our 30-minute walk in shortly after waking up, then we won’t get it in at all. If this is your relationship with exercise, then it’s best to lace up those sneakers before you even step out of bed. If you have the dreaded chore of cleaning your house ahead of you, it’s a good idea to do your least favorite task first. Maybe you despise cleaning the windows. If so, get those windows done first and you won’t have to think about them later.

Tell someone. If you have a goal that is important to you, you might find that you’ll benefit greatly by telling a supportive friend or family member. If you are the only one who knows about your goal, it’s much easier to push it aside and postpone it once again. On the other hand, if someone else knows about your goal, you are more likely to stay on track and that person can work to hold you accountable. And the best part is that you’ll have someone to celebrate with when you accomplish your goal or finish that long overdue project. I enjoy writing down my goals and putting a line through the list when it is accomplished. Sounds pretty simple, yet extremely rewarding. 



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