How To Avoid Fat Shaming Pitfalls: Part 2

How To Avoid Fat Shaming Pitfalls: Part 2

Fat-shaming is far too common in today’s society and unfortunately, few grown women are fully confident in their outside appearance. Here are some more tips for navigating your way around the negative self-talk that you’ve grown accustomed to.


Create a list. It’s time you start applauding yourself in the same way that you talk about your son or daughter excelling in the classroom or in their career field. Build a list of things that you like about yourself and insert them into your self-talk anytime you feel the need to bring up flabby thighs or a growing waist line. It doesn’t have to be body-related, and instead, you can mention your natural ability to give advice or your organizational skills. Whatever it may be, have a list ready, of go-to self-compliments.

Be a role model. When we are in social circles, fat-shaming tends to run rampant and once one person starts moaning about their body image issues, a whole train of negativity follows closely behind.  Assert yourself and suggest that you and your pals talk about something that won’t make everyone feel down about.

Put away the judgments. For whatever reason, we have an odd urge to judge others without even thinking about it. If you find that you are silently criticizing a stranger’s physical appearance, stop yourself in your tracks and remember that is the exact way of thinking that bolsters fat talk.

Spread the love. One way to alter your own day and internal conflict, is to brighten up someone else’s day. Try to hand out an honest compliment every single day, and you will shift the compassion that you have for yourself and others. Maybe Pam in accounting changed her hairstyle and now she has bangs that flatter her face. Give her props for the new do and you’ll see a natural lift in your spirits.

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Surely, you’ve heard that famous saying about foregoing judgement of others until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. You have no idea what kind of baggage someone else is carrying around, much in the same way others don’t know your history. Instead of coming to a false conclusion that an overweight person is fat and lazy, be aware that they may be suffering from a mental or physical illness. Put a lid on making assumptions about others.

While you may think that negative self-talk doesn’t hurt anyone but yourself, you are opening doors to this way of toxic thinking and you are more likely to externally share what you think about others, thus promoting fat-shaming. Make a commitment to keep your mind free of these thoughts.

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