How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

Cold laser therapy stimulates healing. Unlike aesthetic lasers or those used to perform surgical procedures, cold lasers use extremely low levels of light. Lasers used for surgery involve high levels of light that cause the tissues to heat up. These “hot” lasers offer doctors exacting precision during surgical procedures. Cold laser therapy offers the same precision, only in terms of healing and weight loss.

What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

The use of lasers is steadily increasing. They are extremely precise and can be used in many different ways. By using different levels of light, a doctor can produce different results. When high levels of light are used, the surgical precision a doctor can achieve makes possible even the most sensitive of surgeries. From delicate eye surgery to the repair of microscopic tears or damage, heat lasers have opened up an entirely new world for surgeons, including using them to help patients lose weight.

When it comes to cold laser therapy, the same is also true. Cold lasers, or those that use low levels of light, offer both precision healing and weight loss benefits. Doctors can use lasers to sculpt the body, removing fat from areas that are difficult to target when it comes to exercise and workout routines. Sending the laser into adipose tissue creates small pores in the membranes of fat cells that allow the contents to drain away and the cell, itself, to collapse.

Cold laser treatment sessions last 9 minutes for a single and 18 minutes for a double. Single sessions are ideal when only small areas are involved, while double sessions enables the doctor to cover a larger area more effectively. This type of therapy can help to decrease girth in specific areas of the body. When it pertains to the waist, girth could be reduced by .4 to .5 cm per session, according to NCBI/ The reduction in girth is a direct result in the amount of cellulite that is eliminated during the cold laser therapy treatment. The Dermatology Research and Practice Journal states, removing cellulite with this type of laser therapy helps to sculpt areas throughout the body, including the waist, neck, arms and legs.

What Are the Benefits?

Cold laser therapy sessions last between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on whether a single or double session is required. The laser sends light deep into the layers of the skin, penetrating cells and stimulating them to rejuvenate themselves. This rejuvenation leads to new cell growth, stronger tissues and a quicker healing response. One of the main benefits of this type of procedure is that it is non-invasive. Cold laser therapy only sends light waves through the skin. This results in very few side effects and the tissues begin to heal at a much faster rate than if no treatment was offered.

Cold laser therapy is fast, convenient and pain free. Because the skin is not disturbed in any way, there is no trauma to the tissues. Once a cold laser procedure has been performed, the patient can return to their normal, everyday activities.

Sculpting the body is one of the primary benefits of cold laser therapy. By reducing the cellulite where it is most like to accumulate (a good example is the thighs), girth is reduced and the area begins to show more definition and tone, This also decreases girth measurements as well, according to NCBI/

Using Cold Laser Therapy for Weight Loss

Cold laser therapy can be effectively used for weight loss and help hasten the healing process. The use of low light waves can destroy fat cells, repair damaged tissues and help create new growth at a cellular level causing the area to heal much faster. Double blind studies have been performed that prove the use of cold lasers will not only reduce pain and discomfort, but also eliminate fat cells and flush them from the body. The reduction of fat in certain areas leads to more oxygenated blood flow and the growth of new tissue that strengthen the body.

Cold laser therapy has been proven to reduce the circumference of three main areas of the body. The thighs, hips and waist lost 3.51 centimeters combined when cold laser therapy was used to break up fat and flush it away. There are no harsh drugs or chemicals and the procedure only uses low light waves to penetrate the skin, resulting in almost immediate results. Patients who receive cold laser therapy are back to work within a day and can resume their regular activities the same day as their procedure. Ask your doctor today if cold laser therapy could help you lose unwanted pounds.

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