How Does a Personalized Weight-Loss Program Work?

How Does a Personalized Weight-Loss Program Work?

One of the reasons popular diet programs don't work for the masses is that weight loss is not a “one size fits all” problem. What works for one person may not work for others. Each person's physical makeup is uniquely different than everyone else's. People who are morbidly obese may not be able to lose the extra weight on their own. Others who have had problems with eating disorders may require medical help to maintain a healthy weight. A personalized weight loss program will ensure a person has all of the tools they need to lose weight quickly and efficiently, as well as help them maintain that weight on a long term basis.

Addresses Individual Health Concerns

A personalized weight loss program is developed around a person's individual needs. After a thorough examination, a doctor will review the patient's overall health, identifying any potential issues that would prevent them from losing weight traditionally. In the beginning, high blood pressure, unregulated diabetes and poor circulation may create certain problems that need to be considered when creating a weight loss program. The doctor can provide specific recommendations to support the patients weaknesses as they progress through the program. For example, patients with diabetes or blood sugar handling issues, such as craving carbohydrates, benefit from specific nutritional supplement support recommended by the doctor. As the patient loses weight, many of the problems will slowly begin to take care of themselves. With continual progress, the doctor can adapt the weight loss program to meet the new physical needs of the patient.

Allows for Personal Limitations

When a person sets out on a weight loss journey, they may have specific physical limitations that prevent them from performing certain exercises or movements. A personalized weight loss program provides the patient with a starting point that is within their limits. As the weight begins to fall away, it will be easier to gain more agility and freedom of movement. The limitations will decrease and the freedom to move and gain strength will increase.

Individual Workout Plans

Individuals who have lost muscle mass due to extended periods of inactivity will not be able to just jump back into a strenuous workout plan. With a personal weight loss plan, the physician will take the time to find out what the person is physically capable of accomplishing. Workout plans will start out with minimal activity that challenges a person's limitations. As each milestone is achieved, new ones will be put in place to help continue their forward momentum and keep them working towards their weight loss goals.

Effective Diet Plans

Individuals who have diabetes or digestive conditions may not be able to tolerate drastic changes to their diet. A physician or a nutritionist can help create an effective diet plan that ensures the person will get the nutrients they need without an excessive amount of calories. In some cases, supplements may be used to provide nutritional support and help the person lose the desired amount of weight without creating stress on the digestive system. A person who is trying to increase their strength and add to the amount of muscle mass they carry will need to eat a diet that is high in protein. Some people may not be able to utilize certain types of proteins and may have to try other foods to get the right type of nutrition. An example of this is someone who needs to lower their cholesterol.

Emotional Support

One of the most important aspects of a personalized weight loss program is counseling. Nutritional counseling as well as emotional and moral support can offer great benefits to a person who is trying to lose weight and regain their health. Weight loss can be frustrating, especially if a person has a lot of weight to lose. Being able to show visible results is one of the best ways to stay motivated. With a physician assisted weight loss plan, a person's progress is tracked on a regular basis. They can easily see their progress and help them to stay motivated and on the road to healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Talk to a weight loss professional today to find out how a personalized weight loss program can help you lose weight. They will be able to help you develop strong, healthy lifestyle habits that will help you keep the weight off and continue to improve your health and emotional well being.

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