Holistic Weight Loss: How It Works and Why It’s Different

Dr, Donna Restivo

Posted on September 19 2017

All around the world, people struggle with losing weight. A holistic weight loss plan focuses not only on the physical symptoms of excess weight but also on the person as a whole, including their lifestyle. This practice will ensure that you not only lose weight but once you do, you will have the foundation to continue a balanced healthy lifestyle. Holistic nutrition means only putting organic or chemical-free food into your body to limit negative health effects while also engaging in healthful mental and spiritual practices.  

Why Is Holistic Weight Loss Different?

The journey of weight loss is more than physical. A holistic approach works by focusing on one’s diet, nutrition, movement, lifestyle, environment, mind, and spirit. Holistic weight loss helps someone in the journey focus on their thoughts, emotions, and body.

Excessive weight is usually more than a physical problem. To pursue a healthier you, there is more to change than just diet and exercise. Losing weight can be difficult and using a holistic diet ensures that one is ready to lose weight and keep it off.

Maintainable lifestyle changes are what are needed to reach your goals of losing weight. Most weight loss plans focus on diet, exercise, and physical issues. This is not the only practice one needs to focus on while trying to lose weight. There are many other factors that are involved in gaining weight which means we have to consider them if we are trying to lose weight.

For example, most diets call for one to log everything you eat in a journal to keep track of what one is putting into his or her body. A holistic diet also calls for one to track their emotions, stress levels, sleep, and water intake. This will show what patterns one would want to change to achieve their goals.

A holistic diet is different because one will become a healthier person as a whole, rather than just looking healthy. A person will be able to focus on what they need to do in order to feel better about themselves and look better.

How Does the Holistic Approach Work?  

A holistic diet espouses long-term goals that don’t just make one’s physical appearance look healthier but rather create an all-around healthier and happier person. Holistic weight loss focuses on everything from one’s mind and body to their environment and mental well-being.

A holistic program might ask participants to meditate daily to check in with their body and emotions. Another great option is to cook a healthy meal with your family. This is a great way to unwind and relax while focusing on putting safe and organic food into your body.

By focusing on weight loss, a holistic diet incorporates food intake, lifestyle changes, stress therapy, and a positive mind and spirit balance. It typically involves detoxifying the body, practicing mindfulness exercises, engaging in light physical activity, and making healthier diet choices. The holistic approach works because it is a healthy and sustainable way to achieve weight loss in the long term.

A holistic weight loss plan helps a person to better understand themselves and figure out unhealthy patterns that have led them to the desire to lose weight in the first place. Everyone needs a proper balance in their life, which sometimes means a change of lifestyle. A holistic diet will help one pursue a better and healthier life.

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