Foods You'll Love This Month: Valentine's Day

Dr, Donna Restivo

Posted on February 24 2018

Like most holidays, Valentine’s Day is centered on making your palate happy all month long, which is why the store shelves are filled with mouth watering sweet treats encased in various shades of red. 

But, just because we are bombarded with high calorie snacks and sugar-infused goodies, doesn’t mean that we have to succumb to the bad eating that is so prevalent around this time of year. There are plenty of ways to get in your sweet fix without the unwanted calories. 

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Here are a few tested and approved guilt free bites that you will definitely want to try this month in honor of the lover’s holiday. 

This year you can trade in your chocolate covered strawberries for a healthier option that will still give you the sweetness you crave, with a few added perks. Try sprinkling some chocolate stevia drops on the strawberries for a boost of sweetness without the unnecessary sugar. Strawberries are always a hit for the simple fact that they are the perfect combination of sweet and tart for your taste buds and they are the ideal treat to share with the one you love. 

If you’d rather drink your way to sweetness, try a few drops of flavored Stevia in a chocolate protein shake. Stevia coconut drops in a chocolate protein shake are similar to a mounds bar, without the preservatives. 

It’s all about adjusting your taste buds for your new weight loss goals and soon you won’t even crave the sugar that you used to have on a regular basis. 

Berries come in very handy during this sometimes-dreary month. Since color plays a big role in the presentation of a Valentine’s treat, it’s easy to add bright berries to nearly anything for some added flare. Grab a heart-shaped bowl and fill it with some bright red raspberries to show that special someone how much they color your world. Or line up some blueberries, raspberries, and heart-shaped strawberries, on a skewer for an easy-to-travel-with snack. 

And if you really want to make it simple, keep in mind that almost anything can be cut into the shape of a heart, to add a little love to your meal.


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