At some point, we all have fallen victim to raging and unexplained hunger, which in turn causes us to snack on high calorie carbs leading to issues like weight gain. Consuming certain dietary supplements can help reduce body fat. When a person adds these fat-burning supplements to the diet, they can burn fat and help to lose weight over time.

In today’s blog we concentrate on products that aid in weight reduction –in respect to helping gain the right control over carb and sugar cravings as well as fat release.

So, how do these products help in the process? This dietary supplement process helps aid fat loss by stimulating metabolism, reducing appetite or reducing overall food intake. Consuming a good balanced diet, maybe as prescribed by an expert, certainly helps control appetite and reduce overall food intake, leading to weight loss.

Now, let us introduce you to some hunger hormones in the body - leptin and ghrelin. Leptin - the appetite suppressor and Ghrelin, the appetite increase hormone is released primarily in the stomach and is thought to signal hunger to the brain.

In order to solve the problem of weight loss, using Dr. Restivo’s dietary supplements pack help provide nutritional support to reduce hunger in the body and burn body fat by helping break down long chain triglycerides which is also known as stored fat. The hunger satisfied capsules are basically a quick-fill capsule which expands in the stomach, causing a physical feeling of fullness and fat release dietary supplements help in production of cellular energy.


Hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog post on the dietary supplements package for multi-purpose benefits. Dr. Donna Restivo DC and team, have been working in and serving the communities of Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Bronx, and Ulster counties, as well as New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut, since 1983. Restivo Health and Wellness is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives, combining skill and expertise that span the entire wellness spectrum.

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