Fight Inflammation In Joints with Cold Laser and Detox Therapy

Fight Inflammation In Joints with Cold Laser and Detox Therapy

One of the most common reasons why people suffer from joint inflammation, is due to excess body fat. According to research, there has been much co-relation between inflammation and obesity, which means that your best bet for staying pain-free is to maintain a healthy body weight. Diet and exercise play a major role in making sure that the weight stays off, another way to assist in the ongoing struggles of weight loss, is Cold Laser Therapy.


Dr. Restivo’s cold laser therapy treatment not only adds another layer to your weight loss approach, it is pain-free and relaxing. The approach, which contrary to the name, does not feel cold, is known for focusing in on fat cells, and then expelling the fat out of them. In response, the lymphatic system takes over, and naturally disposes of fat cells, causing you to shed unwanted pounds. One of the major benefits of this fat cell disposal, is the body’s natural ridding of toxins, which lowers the inflammation in your body and aids in supplying you with additional energy to tackle your day with ease. 

The cold laser therapy session takes as little as nine minutes and is a non-invasive, relaxing approach to weight loss. Weight loss can be seen in as little as two weeks after multiple sessions. By pairing the cold laser therapy sessions with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you’re likely to see a decrease in pain pills and an increase in energy and ease of movement. 

Stress and sleep  have also been linked to higher levels of inflammation in the body. With that said, by reducing stress and incorporating a routing that supports a stress-free lifestyle, you are likely to up your chances of reducing the inflammation in your body.

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