Fight Holiday Bloat: Part 2

Fight Holiday Bloat: Part 2

Post-holiday bloat is something that can sneak up on you and be pesky well into the month of January. Here are a few more tips for battling the bloat…


Avoid carbonation. We all know that soda is not on the top of the list when it comes to healthy choices, however; soda water and seltzer usually serve as a backup for our choice of bubbly. While diet sodas and flavored soda waters are acceptable to drink, they can be our worst enemy when we are trying to rid our body of bloat. They may not have calories, but they do have carbonation, which tends to get trapped in the body, leaving you feeling like a big, airy balloon. The diet soda contains many toxins that fill your fat cells and make it more difficult to lose weight.  If you are really hankering for something that has more flavor than water, try adding some slices of ginger root to your water. You’ll get some added flavor and a little help with digestion. You can also add some extra ripe strawberries. If you like stevia Sweet Leaf has many different great flavors for water, such as grape, coconut and orange Valencia drops. 

If you get bloated from Steak, be sure to have a few Zypan tablets from Standard Process, to improve your digestion. Steak contains the most difficult protein to break down, that is why it takes more calories to digest a steak than the steak contains, it can lead to bloating if you do not have enough digestive enzymes.  You can also opt for chicken and fish for your main source of protein, as these animal products are far easier for your body to break down. 

Get on the move. While there isn’t a particular stretch that relieves bloating, exercise is known to reduce the symptoms of bloat because the movement helps gas pass through the digestive system. Try to find something that you enjoy doing, such as dancing or walking. It may take a little movement to get that gas moving. 

Lower your salt intake. Salt, which is made up of sodium and chloride, clings to water in the body, on its mission to keep balance amongst the cells. Many processed foods are filled with salt, which will make you retain water ultimately causing bloat. The best way you can reduce this bloat is by ridding your body of unnecessary salt. Before you eat something, be sure to check food labels for sodium levels. 

Up your magnesium intake. Magnesium often gets overlooked for its importance, considering it’s responsible for over 300 enzymatic reactions that work to maintain function in the body. While nuts and leafy green vegetables are great sources of magnesium, you may want to consult with your doctor and see if it would benefit you to take an additional magnesium supplement. 

Add foods that are rich in potassium. Just like magnesium, potassium plays a key role in many of the body’s important functions. First and foremost, it aids in sending the proper signals to keep the body running while also enhancing heart health. By eating foods rich in potassium such as avocados and tomatoes, you will lower your sodium levels and up your urine production, relieving bloat. Keep in mind that avocado’s contain fat and tomatoes count as a fruit, all in moderation.  

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