Crafting the Perfect Dinner Party

Crafting the Perfect Dinner Party

Oftentimes when we think about dinner parties, our minds naturally revert back to the sixties, when first lady Jackie Kennedy wowed wives everywhere with her epic party planning skills and ability to pull off a dinner party complete with class and sophisticated style.



While you may not have been born with the natural talent to execute a memorable dinner party, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your next party is talked up for years to come. You may not have the celebrity connections or resources that Jackie had, but you can certainly pull off a successful event if you follow a few critical steps.

If you’ve got fine china or even a noteworthy set of dinnerware, it’s time to take them out and polish them off because let’s be honest, if you aren’t going to use these dishes for a dinner party then when will you use them? Do whatever you have to do to get those dishes shining again.

Much in the same way that you will be taking it up a notch when it comes to your plates, you’ll want to spread that enthusiasm over to the table arrangements. A dinner party is the perfect opportunity to decorate your table with multiple displays of décor, so don’t hold back from jazzing up your table with several bud vases and a wide array of flowers, garland and candles. Or you can have a hierarchy of vases, with one major one in the middle, followed up by a few smaller ones as the table extends outward.

If you don’t have a nice set of linens, now is the time to invest in them because a good dinner requires a layered linen look. Sure, you can lay out a white tablecloth on the table but be sure to add some flare with a colorful runner underneath the candles and décor. Another option is to spice it up with some colorful napkins, and feel free to frame the food dishes with these same napkins to give the atmosphere some uniformity.

It’s simply dinner if there is no compelling conversation to go along with it. To make sure the party aspect is in full swing, one way to guarantee some quality chatter is by placing a couple of conversation starters on the table. Maybe your guests will find inspiration in a collection of sea shells or a vintage gravy boat that was handed down from an ancestor. You never know what is going to get the communication flowing.

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