Can weight loss cause hair loss?

Can weight loss cause hair loss?

Hair loss is a natural part of life. It happens for a variety of reasons and several things can trigger it, including stress. If you have a really stressful event approaching, your hair cycle can go into shock, pushing more hair in the shedding phase. Pregnancy, a lack of protein, hormones, emotional stress, and anemia are also signs of hair loss. It is for this reason why several new mothers find their hair shedding and growing back in an interesting pattern. When it comes to weight loss, you may find that you lose some hair, but that is often due to a lack of healthy foods and toxins that have gotten so used to taking up residence in your body.



Not all weight loss programs are healthy and can result in a vitamin deficiency, which is why Dr. Restivo has carved out a medically approved program that ensures your system receives all the vitamins and nutrients you need to successfully lose weight in a healthy way.

 If your body was depleted of essential vitamins prior to signing on to Dr. Restivo’s program, then you may show signs of hair loss as you lose weight and be well aware that it is most likely caused by the lack of protein you had prior to the program. Protein, which is a major component of hair, is a major source of food on Dr. Restivo’s weight loss program and it is found in the eggs, meat, chicken and fish on the approved menu. Also, the many fruits and vegetables that you will eat as part of the program contain vitamins A, C and E as well as zinc, which all contribute to the growth of hair. Prior to starting the program, the friendly staff at Dr. Restivo’s office will help you determine exactly what you’ve been deficient in, and your body will be absorbing good, quality ingredients that benefit your body in no time. 

You may go from eating fast food and baked goods to eating the many proteins and natural ingredients that are part of Dr. Restivo’s diet, which is likely to cause a shock to your system, both mentally and physically. Just remember that these are all good changes and that you are on your way to having the trim, physique that you’ve longed to have. They say that in order to see some changes, you must be challenged, so throw away those vitamin-deficient foods and hop on the healthy bandwagon. Soon you will have glowing skin, hair and nails.

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