Alternatives to Liposuction

Alternatives to Liposuction

Liposuction used to be the procedure that everyone looked to as a way of eliminating body fat in the most stubborn areas of the body. The problems that many people had with the procedure was that it was invasive and the pain and discomfort following the procedure were extremely uncomfortable. With today's advancements in technology, doctors have new and improved methods of fat removal that go far beyond what traditional liposuction offer.


Soft Laser/Cold Laser Therapy(not cold at all)

Soft Laser/Cold laser therapy uses a low-level laser to target fat cells, effectively destroying them so the body's immune system can break them down and eliminate them. The procedure takes less than an hour to complete and offers NO side effects. The treatment is very relaxing. Cold laser therapy can eliminate fat deposits in and around the hips, thighs, abdomen, under the arms and near the buttocks. It offers long-term benefits when it comes to tightening and toning the skin, reducing the signs of aging and making a person look years younger.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Ultrasound methods of fat removal are only recommended for individuals who need mild contouring. With this method, the fat cells are targeted for treatment. Once they have been bombarded with the sound waves, the cells begin to move towards the liver where they are easily metabolized. This is an effective way to remove fat from the thighs, back, abdomen, and hips. Ultrasound treatments can be costly.


Light Waves

Low-level laser treatments use focused light waves to help eradicate and eliminate fat cells from the body. Much like radio-frequency procedures, this type of fat removal system heats up or melts away the fat cells. Light waves heat the fat cells, destroying them permanently. The fat cells are emulsified so that the body's own defense mechanisms can begin to filter them away, removing them from the area and eventually dissolving or eliminating them from the body. These types of procedures are only used on areas of fat that are hard to reach in terms of exercise and other cosmetic procedures.


Radiofrequency Procedures

Radiofrequency, or RF procedures use radio waves to break up and remove fatty deposits. Like the other procedures, RF is not designed to remove large areas of fat. It does not work well for individuals who still carry a large amount of weight. RF procedures work best for body contouring and sculpting. As with many of the laser or “wave” procedures, there are minimal side effects, many of which dissipate within a few hours of treatment.



Mesotherapies involve the use of chemical agents that are injected into the skin and target fat cells. The fat cells in the areas where the injections are placed are eventually destroyed and carried out of the body. This type of procedure also helps to burn fat away, improving the look and feel of the skin. Wrinkles fade and sagging are less noticeable. While these types of procedures are extremely effective, it can take several sessions to begin to see positive results. This type of procedure is not recommended for women who are currently pregnant or have serious, chronic health issues.

All of these procedures are non-invasive. There are no incisions to make, nor do they involve lengthy healing times. In most cases, a patient can return home after the procedure and begin to resume their daily activities almost immediately. It may take a few sessions for visible results to be seen, but once the treatment plan has been completed, the final result is permanent. The rest is up to the patient. Living a healthy lifestyle that combines a nutritious diet and regular exercises are the keys to keeping the weight off on a permanent basis.


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