9 Mahopac Restaurants with Tasty, Healthy Options

9 Mahopac Restaurants with Tasty, Healthy Options

Eating healthy at home is much easier than trying to eat out. When you cook at home, you know what ingredients are used, how much salt and sugar is included and you control the portion size. If you understand the basics of weight loss, you can still eat out and maintain a somewhat healthy diet. The following list of Mahopac restaurants may seem somewhat unusual from a dieting stand point, but when you understand the basic concept of weight loss your list of options will begin to grow.

Dish Bistro and Wine Bar

The Dish Bistro and Wine Bar is well known for its inexpensive menu, but it also caters to individuals who are more health conscious. They have several different dishes that can be made in either vegetarian or vegan style. Their grass fed beef burger can be served with salad rather than fries, forego the bun. Ask them to eliminate the sweet jam on the burger if you like calamari ask them to serve this appetizer sautéed with tomato sauce rather than fried, it is delicious. The restaurant has a very casual Mediterranean flair when it comes to taste and texture. The Dish is located at 947 S. Lake Blvd. in Mahopac.

Le Fontane

Le Fontane is located at 137 NY-100 in Katonah, New York. This elegant restaurant offers live piano music in addition to a complete menu of healthy entrees and desserts. Many of the dishes have a Mediterranean flair. The staff prides themselves in offering the best in Southern Italian Cuisine. They have wonderful organic vegetables. They will prepare a nice platter for your table. 

The Freight House Cafe

Located on Route 6 in Mahopac, the Freight House Cafe serves a variety of breakfast favorites. What is special about the Freight House is that you are encouraged to stay and enjoy your meal. You can also choose from small tables and booths to couches, where you can eat at your leisure without feeling as if you are being rushed through your meal. The cafe offers a variety of salads and grilled meats. Although vegetarian dishes are not the norm, you can request adaptations of many of the recipes.

Primavera Restaurant & Bar

Primavera Restaurant & Bar offers gourmet foods with a healthy twist. Many of the recipes are made completely from scratch with the restaurant's own recipes. My favorite is the Bronzino. Replace the potato with extra vegetable. They are very accommodating. Located at 592 Rt 22 in Croton Falls, New York, the restaurant offers both reservation seating as well as walk in specials.

Gino's Trattoria

Gino's Trattoria is a well-known Italian restaurant in the Mahopac area. Its address is 597 US 6, Mahopac. Although pasta is not considered a popular diet food, in the right portions, it offers a nice change of pace. Instead of eating a full meal, ask for a “to go” box and take half of your dinner home. Authentic Italian dishes are rather healthy when they are prepared from scratch. Most meals at Gino's come with a small salad and many of the pasta dishes can be served vegetarian style.

Crossroad's Deli

Located at 616 Route 6 in Mahopac, the Crossroad's Deli is a cross between a five star restaurant and small town deli. You can get almost any dish made exactly to your order. You have a variety of options between vegan, vegetarian or fisherman's delight. Sandwiches and salads are made fresh and served immediately so they are as fresh as possible. Portions are large enough that you can take part of a serving home. It's important to remember that leftovers are a good thing.

Char Steakhouse & Bar

Healthy foods are the norm at Char Steakhouse & Bar. From the freshest fish to locally grown produce when it's in season, the restaurant tries to produce the healthiest plate possible for its patrons. Rick of Ricks Seafood in Mahopac is also the owner of Char. You are assured the best freshest seafood at Char. Many of the menu items can be adapted to fit vegetarian or vegan requests. Char is located at 151 Bryant Pond Road in Mahopac, New York.

The Chop House Grill

The Chop House Grill offers a variety of meats and seafood, grilled to perfection. If you are trying to eat as healthy as possible, you want to choose a restaurant where you can find properly prepared foods. The Chop House offers several different salads and vegetarian dishes to go along with their steak and vegetable menu. Located on Route 6 in Mahopac.Great restaurant for our steak and apple day, nice steaks. The Chop House has a diverse menu and most recipes can be adapted to vegetarian specifications, if requested.

Ramiro's 954

Ramiro's 954 is the place to go for authentic Latin food. From gourmet style foods to traditional plates, Ramiro's offers many healthy, nutritious entrees to choose from, including a full vegetarian menu. Try the vegetable dish with quinoa you will not be disappointed. Reservations are welcome but not required. Ramiro's 954 is located at 954 Route 6 in Mahopac, New York.

Eating healthy does not mean going without the foods you love. It means learning to eat in a healthier manner. Your goal should be to eat properly prepared foods, smaller sized portions and know that you don't have to deny yourself your favorite foods to reach your goal.

When you go to a restaurant, look at the menu and keep your goals in mind. After a while, you will begin to see ways you can adapt. You will still be able to enjoy some of your old favorites without throwing your diet or healthy lifestyle completely out the door. People who feel limited by the types of food they allow themselves to have are often the ones who fail.

When you go out to eat for your special dinner, you will often begin to look for the healthier foods on the menu. That is when you know your lifestyle habits are beginning to change for the better. Ask for alterations to your favorite foods and see what happens. You may find new ways to enjoy old favorites.

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