7 Fall Weight Loss Ideas for 2017

7 Fall Weight Loss Ideas for 2017

There are many wonderful things that come with the fall season. Everyone is giddy over pumpkin lattes, colder weather, and the trees changing color. But fall is also a great time to start achieving your weight loss goals. Here are 7 tips for your fall weight loss journey.

1. Fall Activities that Create Movement!

Exercise does not always mean going to the gym, especially in the fall! Enjoy getting some workout time in by spending the day going apple picking, frolicking through a corn maze, walking haunted trail mazes, or even cleaning up the fallen leaves in the yard. These are fun ways to get quality exercise and to spend time with loved ones.

2. Create a Routine!

Many people look forward to summer. It is a time where people enjoy relaxing, vacationing, and enjoying the hot weather outside. It is usually not a structured couple of months. Fall offers the beginning of a new daily and weekly routine! Make sure to include diet and exercise routines to ensure long-term healthy habits.

3. Get Your Exercise In Early! 

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and the sun. With the seasons changing, it starts to become darker earlier in the day. This could make you feel like it’s later out than it really is. People tend to be more tired in the afternoon, so try to exercise early if you can.

4. Enjoy the Outdoors!

Bring on the foliage! Colder temperatures and changes in nature can create an awesome outdoor gym. Exercising on an outdoor adventure may help to enjoy your workout!  Remember to dress properly and layer up. It gets cooler and windier around this time of the year.

5. Stay in Bed! 

No need for AC, the fall season brings in cooler air, so open your windows! With chillier air, no one wants to get out of bed. Doing planks, pushups, or even mountain climbers are light exercises you can do on your bed. The unstable surface will work your muscles a bit harder.

6. Enjoy the Fresh Produce! 

Supermarkets or local farmers markets are going to be filled with new and fresh fall produce. Since these fruits and vegetables are in season, they are even cheaper. Produce such as apples, carrots, radishes, cranberries, and celery are only some delicious examples of what you will see this fall.

7. Stand Up! 

For some people, fall means back to working more. Sitting down all day can really have an effect on your overall weight loss journey. Try to take breaks to walk around the office. You can even stand up while taking some work calls or get a standing desk. Standing can burn up to 50 more calories per hour. This can be a longtime lifestyle change.

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