6 Fun Ways to Lose Weight in New York

6 Fun Ways to Lose Weight in New York

New York City has so much to offer. From skyscrapers to Times Square, the city has an incredible energy. New York offers so many activities, some of which can help you lose weight. Through your weight loss journey, remember to try and find activities that will help you feel better rather than doing an activity that causes you to not make any progress.

Here are 6 activities to help you lose weight in New York:

1. Walk Through Central Park

One of New York’s most sought out landmarks in Central Park. Central Park offers beautiful landscaping and scenery of the city. Central Park also offers running tours. While you work out, you get to take a tour, learning about and seeing the beautiful architecture, design, and history.

2. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City is one of the most recognized landmarks in the world. The Brooklyn Bridge stretches over the East River, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. Treat this journey as a workout and enjoy some of the best views New York has to offer!

3. Visit the High Line

You can lose weight in New York by just taking the time to go outside and get off the couch. The High Line in New York is one of the most visited parks. It’s an elevated, linear park located where there was once a railroad track. Now, it’s been turned into a walking park with plants, pathways, picnic tables, public art, and views of the Hudson River.

4. Traverse the Poconos

About 100 miles from New York City are The Poconos. The Poconos are mountains, but the area also has lakes and valleys that can be traveled on foot or by bike. Hiking these mountains, biking the trails, or even fishing in the lakes can all help one lose weight in New York.

5. Go Biking

New York has many places to buy or rent a bike. This is a great alternative to public transportation, cars, or even walking. New York is a place that people do not need to drive everywhere. Take the opportunity to make the morning commute a workout!

6. Take a Tour of the Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center is an iconic business development in NYC. It offers a seasonal ice rink and giant Christmas tree. Ice skating at the Rockefeller center is a great idea to get your heartbeat up and get in exercise while having fun in the city.

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