5 Tips for Healthy Weightloss

5 Tips for Healthy Weightloss

When we set out to lose weight, it can be overwhelming. There is always a fear of failure and it’s not easy to decipher what works and what doesn’t when it comes to healthy weight loss. Instead of getting lost in the massive amount of weight loss articles out there, we’ve put together five fool-proof tips that will aid in your weight loss goals.

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When in doubt, drink water. If you find yourself hankering for a snack not long after you ate, it could be because your body is actually in need of water. Before you succumb to what you think is a sweet craving, go straight to the sink and pour yourself a glass of water. Wait a few minutes, and that temptation will most likely disappear.


Up your protein intake. We all know that protein is beneficial for boosting muscle tone, but it’s also your best bet for staying full longer. Known as the most filling macronutrient, protein is also low in energy density which means that it is low in calories for its weight. By filling up on protein, you are putting important nutrients in your body and suppressing your appetite for longer. Eggs, fish and meat are great sources of protein, guaranteed to keep you feeling full.


Cut back on carbs and sugars. When you back off the carbs, your body starts to use your stored fat for energy, which will lead to a steady weight loss over time. Another perk associated with the absence of carbs is lower insulin levels. The drop of these insulin levels results in your kidney’s natural ability to rid excess sodium and water out of the body. This will ultimately lead to a reduction in bloat and unnecessary water weight.


Control those portions. America has gotten quite the reputation for offering colossal food portions, but bigger is not always better. Instead of falling for the restaurants that boast about their massive meals, try to think about how uncomfortable you will feel after you fuel your body with more than it can handle. You don’t have to count your calories, but it helps to measure your servings. And dishware is everything when it comes to keeping tabs on those excess calories. Just because a plate is bigger doesn’t mean you have a free pass to pile on the food.


Sleep well. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is a solid night of sleep. A lack of z’s has the potential to lead to weight gain, thanks to hormones and the constant fatigue that leads us to lack some major motivation. 

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