5 Quick weight-loss myths busted! from Dr Restivo

5 Quick weight-loss myths busted! from Dr Restivo

There are thousands of new and old quick weight loss diets and advice on the internet. But who is gonna take the responsibility and credibility of all these data on the internet? 

Hardly any! But, often we see people going gaga about new fads. How many of you have followed these diets ritually and at the end to find you gained the double of what you lost? 

You are not the only one! We come across many such people who build hope in losing weight with fads to finally get tired of extra gains!

Today we bring you 5 quick weight loss myths that everyone must know before they start their quick weight loss journey!

  • All Calories are equal!

    Yeah, it’s a bitter truth! All calories have similar energy content. However, this doesn't imply that all calorie sources have similar impacts on your weight. 

    Various food goes through different metabolic pathways and can have limitlessly various impacts on hunger and the hormones that manage your body weight. 

    For instance, a protein calorie isn't equivalent to a fat or carb calorie that you get from another source.

    Supplanting carbs and fat with protein can support your digestion and decrease hunger and longings. While it enhances the capacity and functionality of some weight-managing hormones. 

    Likewise, calories from the whole foods like organic product will, in general, be considerably more filling than calories from refined and processed food, for example, sweets, bread etc. If you think you can gobble up the so-called low cal foods tummy full for quick weight loss, think again!

    • Getting fit is a linear process 

    Getting more fit is typically not a linear procedure, as certain individuals might suspect. Every so often you may feel fit, while during others you may increase a tad bit more than what you lost!  

    This isn't a reason for concern. It's typical for bodyweight to vary here and there by a couple of pounds. 

    For instance, you might be holding more food in your stomach ready for digestion or retaining more water than expected. 

    This is much increasingly observed in ladies, as water weight can vary a lot during the menstrual cycle 

    For whatever length of time that the general pattern is going downwards, regardless of the amount it vacillates, you will, in any case, prevail with regards to getting more fit over the long haul. Never hurt your body hormones with quick weight loss fad diets.

    • Obesity is about mental resolve and will power, not science! 

    It is wrong to state that your weight is about self-discipline. 

    Obesity is an exceptionally perplexing confusion with handfuls — if not hundreds — of contributing elements. Various hereditary factors are related to Obesity, and different ailments, for example, hypothyroidism, PCOS, and depression can build your danger of weight increase.

    Your body likewise has various hormones and organic pathways that should control body weight. These will, in general, be dormant in individuals with obesity, making it a lot harder to get in shape and keep it off. 

    For instance, being resistant to the hormone leptin is a significant reason for obesity. 

    The leptin signal should tell your mind that it has enough fat available in the body. However, in case you're resistant to leptin, your brain imagines that you're starving. 

    Attempting to apply resolution and deliberately eating less even with the leptin-driven starvation signal is staggeringly troublesome. 

    Obviously, this doesn't imply that individuals should surrender and acknowledge their hereditary destiny. Getting in shape is as yet conceivable — it's simply a lot harder for certain individuals. And quick weight loss diets will just to your conditions!

    • Eat less, move more

    Body fat is simply stored energy. To lose fat, you need to burn more calories than you take in. For this reason, it seems only logical that eating less and moving more would cause weight loss.

    While this advice works in theory, especially if you make a permanent lifestyle change, it’s a bad recommendation for those with a serious weight problem.

    Most people who follow this advice end up regaining any lost weight due to physiological and biochemical factors.

    A major and sustained change in perspective and behaviour is needed to lose weight with diet and exercise. Restricting your food intake and getting more physical activity isn’t enough for quick weight loss!

    Instructing someone with obesity to simply eat less and move more is like telling someone with depression to cheer up or someone with alcoholism to drink less.

    • Carbs make you fat 

    Low-carb diets can help weight reduction 

    Normally, this happens even without monitoring calorie limitation. If you keep carb low and protein consumption high, you'll get in shape.

    All things considered, this doesn't imply that carbs cause weight gain. While the problem of obesity began around 1980, people have been eating carbs for quite a while. 

    Indeed, the entire range of food that is high in carbs is solid and huge. 

    Then again, refined carbs like refined grains and sugar are certainly connected to weight gain. 

    Having busted your myths, we want you to know that a quick weight loss is NOT a bubble of a dream.

    No, we don’t want you to arrive at decisions yet! There are science and studies done on everything! And weight loss is definitely a hot topic! 

    At Dr Restivo, we have our research and studies done right and are equipped with the right formula to experience quick weight loss.

    Dr Restivo’s specifically designed program assures you quick weight loss in a profound way with science backing it up!

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