5 Healthy Recipe Tweaks for Weight Loss

5 Healthy Recipe Tweaks for Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight, one of the biggest areas for improvement is your diet. There are several things you can do to create healthier recipes and meal plans. The first thing to do is to take a close look at some of your favorite recipes and tweak them so you eliminate the bad stuff and include the healthier options that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Use MCT in Place of Other Oil

When a recipe calls for “oil”, use MCT oil. If it is an entree or a salad, MCT oil will add a touch of flavor plus provide you with the right type of fats that encourage good health. If you are making a dessert or other sweet tasting dish, you may want to opt for MCT or sunflower oil. Olive oil has a rich taste to it that is better appreciated in meat and vegetable dishes. Olive oil is ideal if you are browning meat or want to baste a piece of meat you have in the oven. It seals in moisture and adds a unique flavor. However median chain triglyceride oil will speed your metabolism. Start out slow so that you do not speed your metabolism too quickly and end up with diarrhea. Begin with one teaspoon and gradually build.

Use Natural Sugars

If a recipe calls for sugar, avoid using regular cane or table sugar. It is highly processed and only provides empty calories. Instead try natural sugars like stevia or honey. There are also brown sugars on the market that have been minimally processed and have a stronger flavor with less calories. Although they measure slightly different than regular table sugar, most come with directions as to how to get the same level of flavor. Honey has been a favorite for many people when it comes to dessert and beverage recipes. One of the biggest drawbacks of weight loss plans is the elimination of sweets. Eating sweet foods is fine if you use the right types of sweet foods.

Eliminate Processed Foods

Eliminate as many processed foods from the diet as possible. One of the most common dishes that has the most processed ingredients is macaroni and cheese. Use whole wheat or Ezekiel pasta and make your own cheese sauce from regular cheese. Combine a little milk and butter and you have real macaroni and cheese that can be easily frozen and eaten at a later date. When you make your own cheese sauce, you don't have to make taste boring. Add some spices, broccoli and fish. Spice it up and make it a meal. When you look at your recipes, find the ingredients that are highly processed and then look for natural items to replace them. Even if you only make a few substitutions, your diet will be changed for the better and you will be getting more nutrients without any excess baggage.

Do Away With the Condiments

Condiments are full of calories and we use them in large amounts. Instead of reaching for the ketchup, mustard and salad dressings, find recipes for the flavors you like and make your own. Instead of buying ranch dressing, take sour cream or cream cheese and add some of your favorite herbs. Blend well and add a little milk or cream to create a smooth consistency and you have a perfect dip for vegetables. If you don't want to take the time to make your own ketchup or mustard, check your local health food store and find out what alternatives they have. Most popular brands of condiments are full of both sugar and sodium. Find healthier alternatives and when you get brave enough, try to create a few varieties on your own.

Include More Chicken and Fish

Most weight loss recipes that call for beef or pork can be easily made with chicken or fish. While beef and pork are good meats if you use lean cuts, chicken and fish naturally have less fat throughout the flesh and offer a different flavor. Changing up your diet and trying new recipes is essential if you want to keep your diet plan from getting boring. Chicken and fish can be baked, broiled or grilled and will retain their flavor better than beef and pork if they are seasoned correctly.

When you start out on a weight loss journey, you don't have to deprive yourself when it comes to food. You just have to learn what to eat, in the right amounts at the right time. Look over your favorite recipes and tweak them so they become healthier options. You don't have to give up the things you love. You just need to find ways to make them fit into your overall weight loss plan.

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