5 Healthy Activities to Enjoy in Mahopac this Winter

5 Healthy Activities to Enjoy in Mahopac this Winter

Part of getting fit and maintaining a healthy weight is staying active and enjoying yourself in the process. Mahopac residents don't have to give up their fitness goals just because the temperatures dropped. In fact, spending time outside in the winter can actually burn more calories than exercising inside. Whether you prefer to be inside or outside, there are several activities to enjoy that will help you stay fit and encourage healthy lifestyle habits.

Explore Local National Parks and Recreational Areas

Explore national parks and recreational areas in the upstate New York area. Many offer winter activities such as sledding, skiing, ice fishing and hiking for individuals who are always looking for an outdoor adventure. Hiking and skiing are two winter activities that offer amazing benefits for those who are willing to try them. Moving around in the snow and cold air increases the number of calories burned and also provides an abundance of fresh air. The cold air is stimulating and improves circulation. It also clears the mind and can be very relaxing if you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the activities.

Browse Through A Farmer's Market

Farmer's markets don't always close in the fall. Many stay open year round and offer a variety of items outside of the normal produce. Artisans and craftsman will often show off their items at a Farmer's Market because they are trying to keep residents buying locally. In smaller communities, it is easier for a person to sell their crafts and home goods at a Farmer's Market than to try and open up a conventional store. It also allows residents to get to know the local crafts people and what they are recognized for. This offers peace of mind for many and allows them to feel like they are part of a close knit community. Along with walking and browsing, you may even meet a new friend or two.

Take Up An Outdoor Sport

Winter sports are not for everyone. Different types of skiing, hockey, sledding, hiking, ice fishing and skating can be overwhelming and even dangerous, for some people. If you feel the need to become part of a team, hockey and basketball are two all time favorites. While basketball is primarily an indoor sport, you can enjoy it year round and benefit from the constant activity. For those who want to be outside, hockey is an exciting option that is sure to get your heart racing.

Walk Instead of Ride

Walking is an exercise that never goes out of style, no matter what the season. A good pair of hiking boots, a nice warm jacket, hat and gloves are all you need. Instead of driving to destinations that are close by, take the initiative and walk. It will provide you with much needed fresh air, exercise that will get your heart pumping and a small amount of time to yourself to relax and unwind from the hectic schedule of the day.

Join A Fitness Club

If you are trying to get in shape but don't have the motivation to do things on your own, join a fitness club. See if a friend would like to go with you so that you each have a workout buddy to offer encouragement and praise when you reach a milestone. Fitness clubs offer a variety of classes and workout programs all year long, many of which encourage outdoor activities. No matter what time of year, you will have the benefits of a gym, swimming pool, walking track and the constant reminder that there are others who are also on the path to better living and healthier lifestyles.

Mahopac and other areas of upstate New York offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities all year long. If you love being outside, take the time to enjoy the cool, crisp air and reap the benefits of what a few hours in the cooler temperatures can offer you. If you prefer to stay inside where it's warm, feel free to do so but don't allow yourself to get in a fitness rut. Explore your options. Learn about your community and learn to enjoy what living in the north is all about.

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